How to Get Special Flight Rates for Special Situations Ridgewood NY

Traveling is always a joy. But if there’s one of part of traveling that is by no means joyful, it’s the cost of traveling. And one of the most expensive parts of traveling is cost of traveling from one place to another, especially if you are travel from state to state or from country to country.

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Traveling is always a joy. But if there’s one of part of traveling that is by no means joyful, it’s the cost of traveling. And one of the most expensive parts of traveling is cost of traveling from one place to another, especially if you are travel from state to state or from country to country. Of course, there are several flight deals that allow you to travel for much, much cheaper. However, these flight deals are the best you can do when it comes to traveling discounts. There is a secret to traveling that allows you to travel for special rates. This is through getting special flight rates for special situations.

The clincher here, of course, is that you will have to be covered by this “special situations” clause. If you simply want to travel just for the heck of it, more often than not, you cannot use these special situations to avail of the special flight rates. But you will be surprised how varied these special situations for special flight rates. Chances are, you will be covered by these clauses (in some cases, however, you would hope that you weren’t covered, but more on that later)

Special situations

One of the special situations covered by the special flight rates is due to their bereavement fares. Obviously, this is not something you would want—but it is something you should be aware of, especially since there might be a chance that the special situations for the discount flights will apply to you. Needless to say, the clauses for the special flight rates will be very strict and thorough. However, if you are not trying to do the airlines over, it shouldn’t be a very serious roadblock. So what are these special situations?

If one of your close relatives is gravely ill, you are covered by the airlines’ bereavement fares. The rationale here is this: the airlines understand that you need to travel immediately, so they’re willing to offer special flight rates to allow you to do so. Of course, the airlines will check whether your situation is indeed real—so make sure you have the necessary papers to prove your claim. Prepare information on the person who is gravely ill, the hospital where the person is confined, the doctors and professionals attending to your relative, and any immediate papers or physical proof you have that can ascertain the situation. To get the special flight rates, you will also have to prove your relationship with the person who is gravely ill. Airlines will probably have individual policies about it, but you probably have to be an immediate family member in order to qualify for the special flight rates.

Another clause in the bereavement special flight rates is if you’re traveling to go to a funeral. Obviously, the process here will probably be less strict (it is easier to find out whether a person is dead, after all) but you still need to prepare. Here, you need to provide information about the person deceased, including the date of death and the information on the funeral (such as location, contact numbers, among others). The difference here with the previous situation is this: you may need to pay for the full price of the flight. However, once you present a death certificate, as well as other proofs regarding the funeral, the airlines will return a portion of your fare. In any case, the end result is that you will get special flight rates for both special situations.

Traveling emergencies
Not all special flight rates can be availed due to death or possible impending death. Some special flight rates can be availed when you are in an emergency and you need to fly back. For instance, if you have available of a round trip ticket from Los Angeles, California to Tokyo, Japan, you can get special flight rates if you suddenly need to go back to Los Angeles way before your originally intended travel date. In fact, many airlines offer free emergency tickets in this, so you can travel immediately. However, obviously, this is one of the special situations that require strict adherence of their guidelines. Airlines, for instance, will probably have special clauses and conditions for such special situation. Also, airlines may have different “special situations too.” Medical emergencies, of course, are usually honored almost immediately, especially if it is an emergency that really requires you to return home or from wherever you came from. It’s wise to check your airline to see what is included in their special flight rates and what special situations can make you become qualified for such flight deals.

Other special situations

What if you’re not included in these traveling special situations? Good news: there are other instances that allow you to get special flight rates.

A senior citizen is immediately given a 10 percent discount on his flight deals. This is the law in America, so you can get a special discount if you buy your tickets in America. Remember that you will probably not get a discount outside the country (since the senior citizen discount is a privilege given to senior citizens of that country and not to senior citizens per se). Airlines also offer military discounts. Simply provide your military ID to avail of special rates. However, with both senior citizen and military discounts, it should be noted that they do not extend to other people—not even to immediate relatives.

Of course, there are also special flight deals for group purchases and for teachers and students. In any case, it is always ideal to ask airlines in order to find out what kind of special flight rates they can give. While these special flight rates and special situations are already somewhat all encompassing, some airlines offer other discounts and flight deals as well. It is best to find out if there are other flight deals. Airlines offer varied flight rates and flight deals; chances are, you are simply not aware of them. Now is the time to check out how they can apply to you.