How to Get Rid of Mice Naturally Horseheads NY

Be careful with using poisons to rid your house of rodents. It will kill them, but you may not be able to find the dead animal and it may cause a stink! Depending on the severity of your problem, you have several options. If your house is completely infested, seek the help of a professional.

Local Companies

Action Pest Hotline
(518) 374-6558
226 N Greenbush Rd
Troy, NY
Albie Exterminating Svce
(516) 285-8062
2074 Grand Ave
North Baldwin, NY
Center For the Elimination of Violence
(718) 455-1641
217 Hart St
Brooklyn, NY
Reliable Spray Co
(631) 667-2773
1056 Joselson Ave
Bay Shore, NY
Exterminall Pest Control Co
(212) 472-3861
1572 2nd Ave
New York, NY
248 East Pulteney Street
Corning, NY
Chemco Pest Managment Inc
(845) 783-0624
330 Harriman Heights Rd
Monroe, NY
Stafford Exterminating Inc
(718) 948-1502
507 Stafford Ave
Staten Island, NY
Orkin Inc
(315) 343-4112

Syracuse, NY
First Rate Exterminators
(718) 863-1100
2102 Bronx Park E
Bronx, NY

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