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Basically, a pet shelter, also known as an animal shelter, houses animals and pets that are lost, homeless, and abandoned. . In a way, it is a place where animals can stay until they are claimed by their owners or adopted by someone else.

Local Companies

Pals4Pets Rescue
Kendall NY
Brockport, NY
Rochester Animal Services
184 Verona Street
Rochester, NY
Four-Legged Friends Animal Adoptions, Inc.
1694 Penfield Road #5
Rochester, NY
Pitty Love Rescue
PO Box 24037
Rochester, NY
Scottsville Veterinary Adoptions
3750 Scottsville Rd.
Scottsville, NY
Nuts for Mutts Rescue, Inc.
585-210-3647 (DOGS)
P.O. Box 16795
Rochester, NY
Kathleen Anne Tenny Animal Shelter
62 Gorton Ave
Hilton, NY
Jack Russell Rescue of Rochester New York
Rochester, NY
Habitat For Cats
P.O. Box 25637
Rochester, NY
Paws and Purrs Rescue, Inc
585 889-2761
Scottsville, NY
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Americans are guaranteed animal lovers, perhaps even the most passionate pet owners in the world. Of course, there’s no actual study or research on the topic. Still, only a few will probably contest over this claim. One of the proofs that can really instill the fact that Americans love their pets is the pet shelter? Other countries (not a significant number, nonetheless) do have pet shelters too, but the country has among the most organized pet shelters anywhere else. You wouldn’t have a hard time looking for a pet shelter regardless of the reason. So instead, how can one find a pet shelter?

Kinds of shelters

Before the actual process of finding a pet shelter (among the other terms used to call it), it is first important to distinguish the different kinds of pet shelters and their policies regarding keeping the pets.

Basically, a pet shelter (also known as an animal shelter) houses animals and pets that are lost, homeless, and abandoned. Although it may have been different years ago, the purpose of the pet shelter today is to provide shelter to these animals. In a way, it is a place where animals can stay until they are claimed by their owners or adopted by someone else. The pet shelter is a more general facility, as compared to the dog pound that was prevalent several years ago.

But while pet shelters, in a way, provide shelter, their purposes for doing are different. For instance, the animal control agency is a pet shelter that is contracted by the local government. This agency’s job is to enforce animal ordinances. Therefore, they shelter lost and homeless animals, although they also have some basic and low-cost veterinary services.

An open door shelter, on the other hand, provides shelter to animals that no longer have a home. The term open door is used to differentiate it with to pet shelters that require fees in exchange for the animal shelter (open door shelters merely ask for donations instead of required fees). Besides the monetary factor, however, their function is the same (fees and donations are necessary because they are not contracted by the government).

Technically, it is like pet boarding services, since the shelter (which requires pay) provides space for the pet. Pet boarding services are perfect for people who cannot keep their pets but would want them to have a decent shelter when they let them go.

While they have the same function and purpose, animal rescue organizations work specifically rather than generally. What does this mean? Simple: a rescue organization often rescues specific breeds. Sometimes, their members offer foster care for the animals. They can also get animals from local shelters. In any case, all of them can be a venue of pet adoption.

Not exactly a kind of pet shelter, the no kill pet shelter is a facility that does not put sheltered pets to sleep. Most pet shelters will only keep animals for a certain number of days or months. After which, they are put to sleep (read: euthanasia). Despite the number of shelters in America, the number of killed pets due to homelessness is staggering (close to four to five million, sources say). In a no kill shelter, this is only done because of medical circumstances—and not because the shelter is trying to free up some space for other pets. As long as the pet can be adopted, barring medical and physical conditions, the pet stays with the no kill pet shelter.

In addition, there are many reasons why pets found themselves in a pet shelter. Besides the usual story of the stray dog losing its way, most of the dogs here, for instance, aren’t actual stray dogs. Some have previous owners but decided to leave their dog in the dog shelter because they couldn’t live with the pet due to medical conditions. Some simply leave the pets because they realized they couldn’t take care of it properly. There are some who leave pets when they move from a country to another, while some had to leave the et due to their deaths.

Because of these reasons, a pet shelter is the perfect venue for a pet adoption.

How to find a local pet shelter

So how do you find a pet shelter?

The best place to go to is the local government offices. As mentioned earlier, the animal control agency is contracted by the local government. This means the offices should know where you can find your local pet shelter. After all, they are the ones who commissioned the pet shelter. It’s only natural that they know where it is or if your locality even has one or not. If you’re after pet adoption, you can easily look for any pet shelter. If you’re looking for a specific pet breed, rescue organizations should be your thing.

Of course, you can (and should) use the internet as well. There are a lot of online communities and forums focused on pets recently (again, a proof that Americans love their pets). You can use this venue to find institutions and websites when you can provide with the pet adoption. A number of websites such as the PetFinder (Petfinder,com) and (named after the popular website has listings of animals available for pet adoption, including the shelters in the country and even in Canada (such a

The case is different, of course, when you plan to leave your pet. In this case, you need to be more thorough with your search. While Open Door shelters are not discrimination, some actually are, especially with previously owned pets. The age and health of your age would matter here, since they would consider if the animal is adaptable and, hence, worthy of the space that will be given to it. The internet should remain useful, as well as commendations and a little research.

Americans take their pets and pet care seriously, as demonstrated by the animal shelters in the country. Although not perfect, it obviously work well enough to provide ample shelter for the animals.
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