How to Decide if You Can Start a Home Staging Business Fairport NY

Ooooh... It sounds like so much fun to have your very own home staging business! Rearranging furniture, providing design advice, and uncluttering a home all in an effort to have it sell at a better price on the real estate market. Do you have what it takes? Are you tough enough? Take this five-step test to find out.

Local Companies

Martha Vega
16 Rock Creek
Pittsford, NY
Silvia Deutsch
164 Glen Haven Rd.
Rochester, NY
Nancy Sanderson
333 Tobin Rd
Henrietta, NY
Nancy Moscov-Rapp
33 South Main Street
Pittsford, NY
Cindy Brosato
95 Allens Creek Rd
Rochester, NY
Victoria Creek-Totlis
3300 Monroe Avenue, Suite 209
Rochester, NY
Patricia Bellizia
3 Oak Manor Ln.
Pittsford, NY
Kathleen Keogh
65 South Main Street
Fairport, NY
Diane Dow
1797 Penfield Rd.
Penfield, NY
Jeannine Whitaker
95 Allens Creek Rd
Rochester, NY
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