How to Choose Between Renting an Apartment and Owning a Home Oneonta NY

You?ve probably heard this before: if you?re making a monthly rent payment, as opposed to a monthly mortgage payment, you?re essentially throwing your money away. Well, as common as the saying is, it?s not necessarily true ? in many situations, it?s actually much more advantageous to rent an apartment rather than own a home. Here?s why:

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Clark Peter Student Rentals
(607) 432-1431
99 Main St
Oneonta, NY
Mayrose Apts
(607) 432-4036
9 Lewis Ave
Oneonta, NY
Friendship House Apartments
(607) 756-6636
13 Leon Ae
Cortland, NY
Dutcher House Apartments
(845) 855-3667
1 Oak St
Pawling, NY
One Temple Square Assoc
(716) 672-2136
1 Temple Sq
Fredonia, NY
Wilber Park Apts
(607) 432-5635
20 Gardner Pl
Oneonta, NY
Oneonta Hotel
(607) 433-1751
195 Main St
Oneonta, NY
Lettis Apt
(607) 432-8873
33 Academy St
Oneonta, NY
Kings Apartments
(716) 672-2184

Fredonia, NY
Mohawk Valley Apartments
(315) 853-2482

Clinton, NY

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