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Universal Workbench / Scraper Accessory

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Source: TOOLS OF THE TRADE Magazine
Publication date: April 27, 2009

By Section Editor: Mike Morris

Universal Workbench

The Walko Workbench is a smartly engineered portable workstation invented and sold in Europe and now available here. It unfolds into several configurations, from sawhorse to worktable to a unique upright workstation with shelves. Extruded aluminum construction provides high strength while keeping the unit's weight to 46 pounds (76 pounds with repositionable bamboo work surfaces). Price: $729 (32-inch-wide model); $899 (41-inch-wide model). 402-525-2435. .

Scraper Accessory

The Spyder Scraper from Simple Man Products is about as basic as a tool gets. This resharpenable metal scraper blade–available in 2-, 4-, and 6-inch blade widths–mounts in any make or model reciprocating saw and removes tenacious glued-down materials like vinyl tiles and carpet, dried masonry and plaster splatters, and even paint and wallpaper. Price: $10 to $16. 888-471-2239. .

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