Hoover Electronic Bagless Vacuum Review Ogdensburg NY

Hoover has made excellent vacuum cleaners for many years in Ogdensburg. With the recent popularity of canister vacuum cleaners, Hoover has produced a winner with its WindTunnel electronic bagless canister model, the S3765-040.

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Hoover Electronic Bagless Vacuum Review - Model S3765-040

Author: James P Martin

Hoover has made excellent vacuum cleaners for many years. With the recent popularity of canister vacuum cleaners, Hoover has produced a winner with its Windtunnel electronic bagless canister model, the S3765-040.

Design and Features

This vacuum cleaner is not an upright model, so keep that in mind as you compare this machine to others. The main unit sits on the floor with a detachable wand doing the actually cleaning work. Some would say the main unit resembles a prop from the Star Wars movie!

This machine features a powerful motor with variable speed controls that controls the suction. All of the controls are designed so that the user can manipulate the vacuum with the touch of a finger. Because of its non-upright and low-profile design , you will find it easy to clean hard to reach places throughout your home.

Reaching under furniture is a breeze with this Hoover model. The design is meant to be economic in nature, and users will find that the machine is easy to maneuver within most any average sized room. The entire unit weighs in at 31 pounds, but since the main unit is separated from the actual cleaning wand, it feels much lighter when actually being used.

The metal wand of this machine easily detaches from the floor attachment by tapping on a release lever. The cord winds up easily and automatically and, although a bit stiff, it becomes more flexible overtime and use.

Look Ma, No Bags!

As the name suggests, the machine uses no bags. Rather, it utilizes a canister and HEPA filter to trap dust and dirt. Like the more expensive Dyson vacuum cleaners, the Hoover bagless canister model harnesses centrifugal force to separate dust particles, hair, and microscopic dirt from the incoming air. This machine does an excellent job of picking up what other vacuums leave behind. One advantage to the bagless canister models, is that you can see the particles and dirt the vacuum managed to suck up and trapped inside the canister immediately after cleaning.

Some consumers find it annoying to have to empty dirt from their vacuum cleaner frequently. Others get satisfaction of seeing that the vacuum cleaner they invested in is doing the job it is supposed to. This Windtunnel model will definitely need more frequent emptying then a vacuum that uses bags, but this minor inconvenience is well worth it in the long run.

Keep in mind that bagless vacuum cleaners do need filter replacement occasionally. Be sure to always check on the price of replacement filters before you purchase your machine. Depending on the model, you may find it cost prohibitive to the more traditional bagged options in vacuums.


The Hoover electronic bagless canister vacuum is certainly not the most expensive model on the market, but is not the cheapest either. Bagless vacuums have traditionally been pricier than machines that use bags, but the S3765-040 could be considered a midrange price when compared to other bagless machines. Plan on spending in the neighborhood of $250 for the Hoover bagless model. For more inexpensive options, consider purchasing a demo model, or a slightly used model locally.

Overall Rating

If you are looking for a self-contained upright model vacuum cleaner, then the Hoover S3765-040 is not for you. However, if you would like a vacuum cleaner with considerable maneuverability, excellent performance, and one that requires no bags to replace, then this machine is well worth looking into. Overall, this Hoover bagless vacuum gets a solid four stars out of five. If you are in the market for a bagless machine, give this one a test drive today.

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