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You need to know how to market online. After all having the best business online is nothing without Traffic. And unlike in the offline world, if you build it here, they will not come. You need to drive them in.

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I have been asked severally what is the best home based business online? I like to address this problem or issue as straight forward as I can in this article.

I have been involved in many online programs since over eight years now. In the internet age, this is like a century. I have seen so many programs that have come and gone, so many promising so much and delivering so little. I know what has worked for me and what has not. In other words, I am going to talk or write from experience and like they say, experience is the best teacher. Isn’t it? I know you agree with me.

A business that I consider the best home based business opportunity online is the one where you sell a product or service that is used or needed online by almost everyone. I hear you ask if there is any such product or service. Yes there is and I will explain shortly.

In your online home business, you do not want to be pushing a dead horse. You know how difficult or almost impossible this can be. Why not promote a product or service that everyone online trying to make money needs. One such product or service that I know of is Web hosting service. Yes anyone online who is serious about making money online has got to have a website. Some will have 50 100 websites. I have almost twenty and still planning for more.

You see the potential here. With more and more people coming online looking for that “millions”, web hosting will continue to sell.

How do you come in, you may say. Is it s a web host or what? Well it is easy; you come in as a web host affiliate marketer. What is this? Well simply put, your home business will be helping one of the leading hosting companies to sell their service and be paid so well. Remember we are talking of the best home based business opportunity online and I am going to just show you one, one that I consider to be the best in my own humble opinion. Remember like I said earlier, I have seen plenty.

The competition for new customers among the web hosting companies is so fierce. Hence they are willing to pay and pay well too. The standard commission per sale in this industry is a cool $100 per sale. And that sale may be for a $5 per month hosting package or account. I already see you confuse; how can they pay $100 on a $50per month sale? Simple!

They are paying you one time and getting paid themselves $60 over the next twelve months even for the least package at $5 per month. Most web hosting customers will go on to host with the same company over the next five years or more, so long their services continue to be good. So paying you $100 now is no brainier. I myself have been with my host company for over five years now.

Now coming back to the best home business opportunity online, does it cost so much to start this. No, what I consider the best should not cost you more than $100 to start. Yes, $100, not the thousands that it used to cost in the not long good old days before the advent of the Internet.

You need to know how to market online. After all having the best business online is nothing without Traffic. And unlike in the offline world, if you build it here, they will not come. You need to drive them in. so the opportunity that I am considering has got to show you effective way to drive in Traffic in hordes to your site because without it, you arte doomed.

Lastly and not the least, web hosting companies pays promptly. So you can be sure you will be paid at the end of the month for your efforts. Imaging not been paid your salary at the end of the month. Scary! Not good enough. So it is in your own home business. You need to be paid your commission or income.

I hope I have given you an idea of what to consider the best home based business opportunity online.

Okereke Uma is an Internet Wealth Consultant and Writer. For what he considers the best home based business opportunity, visit the link below: http://www.makingmoneyng.com and http://makemoney1on1.com

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