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This section of articles provides useful and simplified information on health topics. The subjects available in this section include diseases, disorders, and cosmetic surgeries.

Green Tea and Hematologic Malignancies New York

Read more about Green Tea May Lower the Risk of Hematologic Malignancies.

Acne Laser Removal New York

Pimples are always annoyance when a person discovers one on their face. While teenagers in New York are usually thought of as being the main targets of pimples, adults can get them as well. When it comes to their placement on the face, pimples usually show up on the chin, cheeks, and forehead. However, they most prominently show up on the nose.

Faster Detection of TB New York

A new test can rapidly identify active tuberculosis in people who've had negative sputum tests, say European researchers. In about half of all people with active TB, the disease-causing bacterium can't be identified using sputum tests. Because of this, new diagnostic tests are needed to help control the spread of TB, the researchers said.

Hospice Care for Pets New York

Hospice care isn't just for humans anymore, as more animal owners are making that choice for their terminally ill pets as an alternative to early euthanasia in New York.

How to Choose Your Surgeon New York

There are many plastic surgeons in New York all over the country but not all of them are excellent. Money and medicine are a bad mix especially when it comes to cosmetic surgery. The majority of cosmetic surgery procedures are elective and you should never be forced into it. Take your time and choose your surgeon well. Every single day there are horror stories about cosmetic surgery gone awry.

Treatments For Acne New York

For the most part showering will keep acne from developing on your skin, but you will need to do some extra work to keep your face clear from acne.

How Laser Acne Removal Works New York

Pimples are something that many people in New York experience in their lives. Generally speaking, they occur because of hormones. Although hormonal changes are thought to be at their most erratic during the teenage years of a person, pimples can also occur in adults.

Causes Of High Blood Pressure New York

Is excess weight or excessive weightlifting causing deadly high blood pressure for ou? If you answered no, are you absolutely sure. Because your life may literally depend on it. Almost one in three American adults has high blood pressure.

Risks for Childhood Cancer Survivors New York

People who survived cancer as children face a high lifelong risk for developing another cancer, a new study has found. A study that appears online May 26 in the Journal of the National Cancer Institute went further than earlier studies by following people in New York from birth through age 79. The researchers analyzed data on more than 47,000 people who had been diagnosed with cancer before the age of 20.

Symptoms of Herpes New York

The first clue that one has something wrong is pain around the lips and mouth. The pain may initially be vague and intermittent. However, it may become constant and the sensation may be like a burn.