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Epileptic Seizures During Pregnancy New York

Epileptic seizures during pregnancy increase the likelihood of premature and small babies, says a new study. Taiwanese researchers compared children born to 1,016 women with epilepsy with those born to 8,128 women without epilepsy. During pregnancy, 503 of the women with epilepsy had seizures and 513 did not.

Effects of Obesity on Asthma New York

Women with extra fat around their waists are more likely to develop asthma, even if they aren't overweight, a new study finds. The California Teachers Study of more than 88,000 women found the same association between obesity and increased incidence of asthma that has been seen in other research, according to the Aug. 25 online report in the journal Thorax.

Heart Surgery Risks New York

People who suffer heart damage after vascular surgery face a higher risk of dying within the next few years, even if they show no symptoms of heart problems, a new study in New York has found.

Hearing Aids New York

Hearing loss used to be a hallmark of old age. Picture an old lady in a rocking chair with a big cone jutting out of her ear, and you get the image.

Booster For Brain Function New York

Conventional medicine recognizes ginkgo biloba as a potentially effective treatment for Alzheimer’s disease and as an aid to good circulation with some positive effects in cases of cerebrovascular disease and peripheral vascular disease in the legs.

Open Prostatectomy Versus Laparoscopic Procedure New York

If you knew you might have only one chance to defeat prostate cancer what would you do? This is a decision that many American men face annually.

How an Infertility Doctor Can Help New York

You've probably never imagined that you would have a problem conceiving a child in New York, you wanted to have children, but just thought that you would wait a few years. Now is the time, but now you've discovered that it's not as easy as you thought it would be. If you and your mate are experience problems with infertility, then you should know that there are infertility doctors in your area who can help.

Red Wine and Health New York

Alcohol is one of those things that can be very harmful if you get addicted to them. In fact, excessive alcohol consumption can even lead to death. However, recent research has found out that despite the harmful effects of alcohol, certain types of alcohol, like red wine, if consumed in moderation, can be beneficial to your health.

CT Imaging New York

CT Imaging , also called a CAT Scan, is a noninvasive, painless medical procedure that is used by your doctor to assist him or her in diagnosing and treating medical conditions. CT Imaging is a specialized x-ray apparatus that is capable of taking numerous images or pictures of the inside of your body and utilizes a computer to join them together in cross-sectional views of the targeted areas.

Snoring Problems New York

I want to show you how to fix snoring problems forever. A lot of people in New York have this particular problem and don't go their entire lives doing it. I think that is sort of sad because it really isn't that difficult to fix.