This section of articles provides useful and simplified information on health topics. The subjects available in this section include diseases, disorders, and cosmetic surgeries.

Going Natural With Hair Loss Remedies

Since the introduction of Rogaine in the early 1980's, androgenic mediated hair loss, or 'male pattern baldness' has been considered a treatable condition through the use of pharmaceutical preparations.that over-the-counter and prescription drugs are the only means to successfully treat this type of hair loss is perpetuated by the lack of well-funded and publicized studies on the efficacy of natural treatments.

Combating Shiny Oily Face

When it comes to treating oily skin there are a number of recommendations and practices that can be used. Some are quite harsh such as skin peels and the use of laser treatments and there are even some medicated face products that you doctor can prescribe to you.

How a Varicose Vein Happens

It is just human nature that both men and women want their legs to look as good as possible. For example, men often like to go jogging or do other kinds of exercises to make their calf muscles look more muscular. When it comes to women, they want their legs to be slender, and not too fat or too thin.


Cellulite is a relatively newer "medical" word used to describe deposition of body fat in a more elegant fashion. Cellulite is nothing more than fat that accumulates in the abdomen, upper thighs and buttock regions of both men and women.

How To Keep Health During Vacation

While vacation is for having fun, you should never lose sight of the big picture. And that is to lose weight, stay in shape, changing your lifestyle, etc.

Vitalize Peel

Are you seeing a lot of wrinkles, do you feel like you are aging more rapidly then your friends who are the same age? If so, it's probably because sun damage can cause you to wrinkle prematurely, but thanks to a cosmetic procedure called Vitalize Peel you can not only reverse the damage from over exposure to the sun, but you can also reverse the signs of aging.

Choosing Wheelchairs For Kids

What's the right style of chair? While this will depend on individual needs and preferences, Becerril offers some important guidelines. Read this article and learn more.

Elimination of Warts

Wart can be found anywhere on the skin. Warts are not dangerous but can be very frustrating and contagious. Warts are classically treated with topical acid. Freezing the tissue with liquid nitrogen is also used. More difficult warts may have to be surgically excised or burned off. Once surgical intervention or chemical acids are used one can expect a scar in that area.

Getting a Tattoo Removed

A lot of people at some point or another in their lifetime consider getting a tattoo. For some, they act on their desire and later regret that they got the tattoo and seek alternatives for having the tattoo removed. The cost of tattoo removal can vary, depending on the type of procedure that you have performed.

Adaptogens For Life

Unfortunately the continual assault of these daily modern stressors can have severe consequences on our health and well-being. Are you aware that 80% of all illness and disease today is stress related? That 25% of all prescriptions written are due to issues stemming from the root problem of stress. Read on and learn more.

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