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Handyman in Malone is a person who is skilled at doing variety of tasks. If a woman is doing all these jobs, she can be called a handywoman.

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Mayvilles True Value Hardware
(518) 529-7100
Rte 11 Main St
Brushton, NY
Smith Lumber And Supply
(518) 358-2714
2342 State Rte 37
Fort Covington, NY
Malone - Auth Hometown
(518) 483-9833
228 West Main St
Malone, NY
Jerry's Home Remodeling
(315) 454-4662
1621 Lemoyne Ave
Syracuse, NY
Fairway Construction Inc
(716) 648-3464

Buffalo, NY
Mayvilles True Value Hardware
(800) 642-7392
1264 Washington St
Brushton, NY
Alixs True Value
(518) 497-6080
6075 State Rte 11
Chateaugay, NY
Malone Lumber & Ready Mix Inc
(518) 483-3460
259 Elm St
Malone, NY
Kmart 3943 / Cross Merch
(518) 483-8131
230 W Main St
Malone, NY
Stepman Construction Inc
(516) 294-2694
168 Sackville Rd
Garden City, NY
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Author: Jo Harris

Handyman is a person who is skilled at doing variety of tasks. If a woman is doing all these jobs, she can be called a handywoman. Mostly, a handyman is called for doing some repairs or maintenance job at home or office. Sometimes, you feel that you can do that particular task by yourself but you do not have the time or the tools to do that. A handyman usually should be able to do both types of works - major and minor. The tasks which a handyman can do include drywall repair, painting, remodelling, minor electrical or plumbing works, furniture assembly or minor furniture repair.

In some regions, handymen should get license and should be insured. These requirements are laid for safety reasons. Minor plumbing works like connecting new sinks, installing new washing machines, replacing taps or fixing dripping taps can be done without a license.

In many countries, there are professional companies which offer handyman services. These companies often hire experienced, licensed and trained handymen. Clients can rely on the quality of their services. Another advantage of hiring a handyman from a company is they value your appointments and offer best services which are the trademark of that company.

You can get to know about independent handyman from the mouth of word. You can get references about his past works from his earlier clients. When you call him, let him check the problem and get a quote from him to make sure what sort of cost you may expect.

There are few handyman tips available to you if you want to try your hand at repairing works at home.

  • Choose correct fixings while working with hollow or solid walls.
  • While using drill to make a hole in the wall, take a piece of paper and hold it against the wall to collect the dust which comes out of the wall. It will lessen cleaning work.
  • Get a screwdriver bit set. It has two advantages: one, you can change the bit instead of entire screwdriver when its tips wear out; two, range of bits in the bit set is much wider.
  • While working with nuts, bolts and screws, remember one rule, “Left is loose, and Right is Tight”.
  • To hold a very small nail, you can hold it in the teeth of a fine comb.
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