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Gutters serve a valuable purpose for homes. They work to keep the homes protected from moisture and to guide drainage away from a home's foundation.

1 . Local Companies

New Roof Long Island
32 W. Main Street,
Long Island, NY
Mc Ardle Roofing & Siding
(631) 754-3203
23 Tanager Ln
Northport, NY
Done Deal Gutters & Constr
(631) 261-2385
144 Broadway
Greenlawn, NY
Gary Owens Construction Inc
(631) 427-8679
92 Fort Hill Road
Huntington, NY
Dicarlo Siding & Roofing Co
(631) 897-3737
97 Orange St
Central Islip, NY
Nill Contracting
14 regal ct
st james, NY
Commercial Roof Service@1800FLATROOF
(800) 352-8766
800 Burman Blvd PO Box816
Calverton, NY
Leafguard Gutter Systems
(631) 968-6854
63 3RD Ave
Bay Shore, NY
Anthony's Roofing
(631) 951-9117
27 Madison Ave
Brentwood, NY
Timberline Roofing
(631) 427-3000
11 Oriole Pl
Huntington, NY
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2 . How To Care For Your Gutter

Caring for gutters is something many homeowners neglect, but it is an important job. Though we have come to see gutters as an add-on to houses, they have much functional value. They keep the house from being damaged by precipitation and falling leaves. That makes caring for your gutter an important part of keeping your house in good shape.

Once a year, preferably after the season with the most precipitation in your area, you should go outside and inspect the rain gutters. You do not have to break out a ladder, though that certainly is acceptable if you want. You really just need to walk around the house and look at the gutters. Make note of any dents or places where the joints seem to be coming apart. Work on fixing these problems immediately.

Also make sure your gutters get cleaned on a regular basis. In most cases, you will need to clean them twice in the fall, especially if you have a lengthy autumn season. Your gutters should be free of any debris, and you need to check them after heavy rains or very high winds. Getting the gutters clogged could mean a build-up of debris in the rain gutters. Making sure to take time to check out the gutters can save in repair costs for your home.

3 . How To Clean Gutters

Cleaning and removing debris from gutters are not exactly the same process. Removing debris means getting out leaves and other big items, but cleaning the gutters is a bit more complex and should be done on a regular schedule. Cleaning the gutters involves getting some type of hose attachment, or just using your water hose if that is all you have. First, you will need to prop a ladder on your home's exterior. Then, you should climb up to take a look in the gutters.

Check out any blockage in the gutter system. Use your gloved hands to remove any major items, and then set about using the hose to clean in the gutters. You will need to use a hose or nozzle with a good deal of water pressure. Sometimes, even a smaller power washer can be used. Simply put the nozzle into the gutter system and allow the water to flow through.

This water is cleansing and should break up any clumps of dirt if you are using a strong spray. Watch the water flow from the gutter to the downspout. If your gutters are clear, you will notice a stream of water coming down and flowing into your yard. Anytime you do not see this free-flowing water, climb up to clean whatever is blocking the gutter system.

4 . Why Rain Gutters Are Needed

Rain gutters are one of the most under appreciated parts of a home's exterior. Most people focus on the siding, or the windows and their shutters, but the rain gutters do the most protection work for a home. Moisture is one of the most damaging elements to a house, because so many parts of the house are made from wood and other materials that do not do well when wet. Rain gutters are the house exterior's main protection from this water.

Rain gutters run along the edge of the roof. Sometimes, rain gutters match the coloring of a home as if they are an accent piece. Other times, rain gutters are intended to be more invisible. They are a color that blends in with the surroundings. Either way, rain gutters perform the same function on a house.

When it rains, the gutters on the home act as conduits for the water. The water hits the gutters or the roof and falls down the slope into the gutters. The gutter system runs together with jointed pipes and leads to a downspout. Most houses have four downspouts because they have one on each corner of the house. The water rushes into the spout and goes down it. The rain gutters keep rain from settling on the house or seeping into cracks.
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