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Utilizing the soy-based PureBond adhesive resin, the manufacturer's veneer-core plywood and Woodstalk agrifiber-core panel products are formaldehyde-free and water-resistant.

Local Companies

R J Odenbach Service
70 Burrit Road
Hilton, NY
Pals Lawn & Household Services
1884 Penfield Road
Penfield, NY
Keady Landscaping
9 Capri Drive
Rochester, NY
Trugreen Lawncare
40 Ridgeland Road
Rochester, NY
Birchcrest Tree and Landscape
1028 Bay Road
Webster, NY
Chase-Pitkin Home & Garden
650 Hyland Drive
Henrietta, NY
Burke Hardware & Equipment
1675 Lake Rd
Hamlin, NY
JNA Landscape Design
63 Long Pond Road
Rochester, NY
Temp-Press Inc
30 Hytec Circle
Rochester, NY
Extreem Gutters
3460 Lyell Rd
Rochester, NY

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Publication date: July 1, 2006


Waste Not

Utilizing blast-furnace slag from iron manufacturing, NewCem hydraulic cement helps to achieve low permeability; improved workability; lower setting temperatures; and resistance to chemical reactions. Lafarge North America. 678.746.2000.

Fresh Air

Trane CleanEffects patented air-cleaning technology uses an intense electrical charge to remove up to 99.98 percent of particles from the air entering a home. Its reusable filter only needs cleaning every few months. The system's electrical use compares to that of a 75-watt light bulb, the manufacturer says. Trane. 903.581.3200.

Scrap Metals

Made from fine flake aluminum milling scrap and polymeric resins, Alkemi solid surfacing can be used for countertops and other surface applications. Alkemi can be cut, seamed, and machined like other solid-surfacing materials. Twelve colors are available in honed or textured finishes. Renewed Materials. 301.320.0042.

Cool Coating

The Tex-Cote Super-Cote Cool Wall system is a heat-reflective exterior coating that can reduce exterior wall temperatures by up to 40 degrees F, lowering interior temperatures. The finish, which is 10 times thicker than paint, is applied in a multi-step process with no need for scraping or sanding. Textured Coatings of America. 800.454.0340.



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