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Insulation is inherently green for its energy-saving properties. Here's a look deeper to see how each type of products in Watertown measures up on other eco factors.

Local Companies

Zahn'S Auto Metal Recyclers
(315) 782-5837
26836 Ridge Rd
Watertown, NY
Trs Tire Recycling Svc
(315) 405-4043
597 W Main St
Watertown, NY
Reed Recycling Limited
(315) 779-8928
20595 Old Rome Rd
Watertown, NY
Adams Town Recycling Site
(315) 232-3057
6224 County Route 97
Adams, NY
Clayton Recycling Center
(315) 686-2557
36243 County Route 4
Clayton, NY
Beutel Recyclers
(315) 788-4080
17950 County Route 63
Watertown, NY
Apex Computing
(866) 325-5519
130 Court St
Watertown, NY
Jefferson Cnty Recycling & Wst
(315) 785-9072
27138 State Route 12
Watertown, NY
Griff'S 51/2 Cent Redemption
(315) 782-2197
507 Factory St
Watertown, NY
Clayton Recycling Ctr
(315) 686-2557
Crystal Springs Rd
Clayton, NY

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Product Reviews

  • 0109c_EH_toilet_AmerStandard_1.jpg(90)

    High-Efficiency Toilets Combine Water Conservation and Improved Performance

    New toilet standards ensure water savings does not come at the expense of a confident flush.

  • Fall08c_EH_OwensCorning2_5.jpg(90)

    Product Review: Insulation

    Insulation is inherently green for its energy-saving properties. Here's a look deeper to see how each type measures up on other eco factors.

  • 0309c_EH_Light_Westinghouse_16.jpg(90)

    Product Review: Energy-Efficient Lighting

    A guide to energy-efficient illumination.

  • 0309c_EH_Tank_Bosch_1.jpg(90)

    Product Review: Tankless Water Heaters

    Offering up to 34% greater efficiency than traditional units, on-demand water heaters are becoming a green building staple.

  • 0808c_EH_LR_WeatherTRAK_10.jpg(90)

    Smart Steps to Water-Conserving Landscaping

    Smart steps to water-conserving landscapes.

  • Fall08c_EH_rv_Jalco_7.jpg(90)

    WaterSense Standards Bring Low-Flow Faucets, Showerheads to the Forefront

    Water-conserving bath fixtures enter the mainstream as the EPA’s WaterSense standards take effect.

  • greenawards.jpg (90)

    The first annual Green Product Awards spotlight 13 eco-friendly options for inside and outside the sustainable home.

    These days, you can't swing a hammer without hitting a product marketing itself as "green." But while the sustainable building trend is one that's often as good for the bottom line as it is for environment, all this bandwagon-jumping can lead to greenwashing.

  • 0808_EH_Rev_CL_LP2_7.jpg(90)

    Certified Lumber Bodies Battle For Identity, Recognition

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