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In the following article, you will learn some information about glass products. These products are from companies like Skyline Design, DuPont, Bendheim and Hakatai.

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Source: ARCHITECT Magazine
Publication date: November 1, 2008

By Andrew Slocomb West

A Collection in Whites, Suzanne Tick Glass

Skyline Design
- Ten patterns by textile designer Suzanne Tick
- Textile weaves and scale studies are etched on the glass
- Can be used in doors, walls, signage, and horizontal surfaces
- Available in standard glass sizes up to 56 inches by 124 inches and in standard thicknesses
- Tempered, laminated, and clear plate-glass options
- All paints and coatings used on the glass are low-VOC, and color paints are water-based
- 100 percent recyclable

1. SentryGlas Plus laminating interlayer

- New version of DuPont's glass laminate
- Makes glass more structurally active
- Designed to protect against wind and impact
- According to manufacturer, 100 times stiffer and five times stronger than traditional interlayers
- Can be used in bolted and frameless glass and with exposed edges

2. Spirit Collection decorative glass

- Patterned and clear safety laminated glass with translucent interlayer
- Applications include wall partitions, curtain walls, windows, ceilings, balustrades, and lighting
- Available in six textures and three opacity levels, plus custom patterns
- Sizes available up to 60 inches by 120 inches with thicknesses of ¼ inch to ¾ inch

3. Tivoli glass mosaic tile

- Iridescent tile
- Two color options

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