Ghost Recon 2 Xbox Review Poughkeepsie NY

Tom Clancy, well Redstorm Entertainment anyway, have been busy chaps these past few years.

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Tom Clancy, well Redstorm Entertainment anyway,have been busy chaps these past few years. Not only have they managed to pump out a quality Rainbow Six 3 with major structural updates, but along with that the franchise has almost released three Splinter Cell titles as well. Their latest work is Ghost Recon 2 and while on the basic side of things they have kept the same structure for the game, like Rainbow Six 3 they decided the consoles needed their own specific gameplay mechanics and have built the game from the ground up with stunning results.

The storyline behind the game is actually played retrospectively. Throughout the game as you progress through missions, you are taken through a military television show, apparently revealing the Ghosts as a military unit for the first time ever. The actual storyline is that they are sent in to stop a war before it happens, but once you begin the game you begin to wonder just how that is due to the massive explosions etc going on around you. Dropped behind enemy lines in North Korea, it's up to you to get the job done, and some of the jobs are incredibly tough.

As mentioned before there has been some major changes to the way the game plays. First of all you now only have control of one squad, and not only that you only have control of that commander for the entire game. Instead of being able to directly control and maneuver each character, you give them commands to perform tasks such as move forward, hold position or attend a wounded character. Keeping these guys alive is your main priority because the more you have with you, the easier tasks are going to be and they can cover your back but considering the magnitude of some of the tasks, not even that may be enough to succeed. Missions include taking out a line of tanks, through to clearing out an airfield. The thing with Ghost Recon 2 is, your troops are on the front line where you expect infantry to be and that for the Ghost Recon fans may be hard to swallow.

Like Rainbow Six 3 there is also a great deal of character development and you actually feel bad when a character is wounded or even killed on the battlefield. They all have individual voices and looks and during the cut scenes come across as a really close team, which is perhaps why when a soldier goes down you do feel like a bad commander. Also like Rainbow Six 3 you can't choose their load out, only they can do that but each soldier seems to have an all round pack of equipment by default like you. You can't use enemy weapons but throughout the missions you will find crates which will replenish your ammunition and considering some of the missions are quite lengthy, these are important.

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