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One of the very first important considerations when choosing just the right Generac generator for your specific needs is whether or not it will generate sufficient electricity to power everything required.

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What To Consider When Choosing The Right Generac Generator

Author: Rick Oros

The Generac® generator product line, made by Generac Power Systems, Inc., is well known for dependable operation and long lasting reliability. Depending on the application and installation of the generators, choosing just the right system can be a complex decision. It's always a good idea to consult with the advice of a professional, but here are a few of the important things to consider when choosing the right Generac generator for your unique needs.

Factor In Power Capabilities

One of the very first important considerations when choosing just the right Generac generator for your specific needs is whether or not it will generate sufficient electricity to power everything required. From One Phase 120V for many basic household needs to Three Phase 208V and beyond, it's probably a good idea to step up to a generator that provides the next level of power than you actually require.

Assess Portability Requirements

This is more of a basic consideration, but do realize there's a difference between portable generators and permanently installed backup type generators. Nonetheless, depending on needs, portability is definitely something to consider.

Understand Prices Range With Power

With Generac generator prices covering the range from a couple hundred dollars to tens of thousands of dollars, price is a major factor in the selection process. Portable generators are usually the least expensive units, followed by permanently installed automatic standby backup power systems. From there, generators designed for robust commercial and industrial applications fill out the higher end of the pricing scale.

Consider Generator Sound Output

Because generators use internal combustion motors typically running at moderate speeds to create electricity, the sound output levels can sometimes be an issue-especially in residential applications where restrictive noise ordinances are in place (along with the desire to be a good neighbor). Fortunately, many generators are designed to operate very quietly. The noise factor is something that should be taken into account.

Ensure Sufficient Cooling Systems

Generac generators are available in both air cooled and liquid cooled models. For lower power generators like portables and smaller residential units, air cooling is sufficient and economical. However, as power requirements increase, more powerful engines require a more powerful liquid cooling system for efficient operation. One additional note here-installation of air cooled systems is usually less complex than installing liquid cooled generators.

Choose The Appropriate Fuel Type

While there are many factors and advantages that should be part of the decision when choosing a propane (LP) powered generator or a natural gas fueled system, the biggest factor is usually whether or not natural gas is already piped in. Natural gas is supplied by utility companies via their pipeline distribution network, whereas LP is delivered and stored in external tanks.

Select Enclosure Type

Many Generac generators are available with either steel or aluminum external enclosures. There is a difference depending on application. While steel is generally more cost-effective in most installations, aluminum is often chosen for its lasting durability and high resistance to corroding.

Arranging Installation

It's important to have a professional install and maintain non-portable generators. Because complex transfer switch electrical systems are part of the installation, expert knowledge is important for safety and correct operation.

While choosing the best Generac generator for your unique application can be a complex process, it's always good to know that a properly sized, installed, and maintained generator will offer many reliable years of service.

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