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Of course efficient and productive gardening is never a possibility without using some certain and basic gardening equipment such as drip irrigation equipment, chain saws etc.

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Amazing Gardening Equipment A Home Gardener Should Have

Author: Pattrick Savarna

Of course efficient and productive gardening is never a possibility without using some certain and basic gardening equipment such as drip irrigation equipment, chain saws etc. But there are many more innovative gardening equipment you might not have heard of. It can be an innovative weeder with a steel bit or a scarecrow which sprinkles water to threaten the intruding animals. It can also be a big balloon which scares away the birds with its giant eyes painted upon it. Read out the detail.

Innovative Weeders : Gone are the days of hand weeders. Here is an innovative weeder which will save you from working for hours under the sun cleaning leaf weeds and various dandelions. The steel bit of this innovative weeder kills all the weeds and dandelions with its slides and spins. Join this weeder to any cordless hand drill and get the job done. It does the cleaning in only a couple of rotations. Its ejector throws away all the weeds whenever the weeder gets full.

Scare-Eye Balloons : These scare-eye balloons are useful gardening equipment to scare away the birds whenever they try to destroy the crops. Though these can be used in all types of crop lands, their best use can be seen in fruit gardens. So if you want to protect your oranges, grapevines and cherries then there is no reason to why you should not install it. For a home fruit garden, only a single scare-eye balloon is enough. However, the number should go up proportionately according to the size of the garden. A bigger commercial orchard needs almost four to five such balloons.

Effective Soil Thermometers : The temperature deep down the soil determines how effective your farming is going to be. Experts say that a seed, for its effective germination, needs sufficiently warm soil. Thus in order to have a hundred percent crop, penetrate this soil thermometer 3-4 inches deep into the soil and wait for some minutes to know the exact temperature. This proper warmth always varies according to the type and quality of the soil. Thus this tool becomes a necessity.

Fog Spray Nozzles : A rough and tough watering can be bearable to the big plants and fully grown crops only. When it comes to water the saplings and some other delicate types of plants, you need a gardening equipment which can spray water gently. Use this nozzle with multiple jets which while forcing the water out gives an impression of fog. Definitely, a delicate nourishment for some soft things.

Water Sprinkling Scarecrow : It is one of the most innovative gardening equipments. It can be a fun machine to your child too. Install it into your garden and attach water hose to it. So the next time a bird or an animal creeps in to spoil the garden, this water sprinkling scarecrow will eject water aimed at the intruder with a great force, more than enough to scare it away.

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Look out for some efficient Gardening Equipment. Pattrick Savarna is an expert writer in the field of technology. Check out his blog My Electronics Blog for some exciting write-ups.

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