Furman Sound ASD-120 Potsdam NY

The Furman ASD-120 now available in Potsdam offers easy power distribution for a large amp rack. Being able to distribute 120 amps out of one box really simplifies the rack installation.

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Source: PRO AV Magazine
Publication date: April 1, 2006

By Daniel Woody

My Pick: Furman Sound ASD-120 AC Sequenced Power Distro power distribution system,

What I Like About It: The Furman ASD-120 offers easy power distribution for a large amp rack. Being able to distribute 120 amps out of one box really simplifies the rack installation. The front switches are also intuitive, which makes it easy to explain to the end-user how to sequence the system on and off.

I Would Change: I'd like to have the option of ordering a quick-release plug with the ASD-120. In our application, the rack is self-contained with XLR patch panels for the microphone inputs and speakon jacks for the speaker outputs. Trying to find a quick-release end that could handle 120 amps slowed us down and frustrated the electrician. The electrician ended up providing us with a twist-lock end that installed at the wall. He installed a 6-foot tail on the ASD-120 with a female end and a male end on the wire as it came into the rack.

Where I Used It: Trocadero's bar and nightclub in Minneapolis.

My Results: I installed two Furman ASD-120s in a large nightclub installation. I used one unit in the live audio rack, which housed all the amplification for the speakers. I had a rack of 12 amplifiers for the main array speakers, sub-woofers, and auxiliary speakers. With that many amplifiers and this size of a system, we needed to distribute a large amount of power.

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