Functional Carpet Options Massena NY

Functional Expression carpet in Massena: Carpet line in a "form follows function" theme - Offered in five styles - Made of solution-dyed 6,6 nylon with Antron Lumena for colorfastness and stain resistance.

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Source: ARCHITECT Magazine
Publication date: July 15, 2008

By Jennifer Brite

1. Functional Expression carpet

Bentley Prince Street

- Carpet line in a "form follows function" theme
- Offered in five styles
- Made of solution-dyed 6,6 nylon with Antron Lumena for colorfastness and stain resistance
- Available in broadloom and 18-inch-square or 36-inch-square tile
- Uses High PerformancePC backing, which was engineered with a tight weave for straight patterns and is reported to have better durability

2. Graphic Nature broadloom and tile carpet collection

Shaw Contract Group

- Designed for the healthcare market
- Available in six nature-inspired patterns and a variety of colors
- Discarded EcoWorx backing can be recycled into new EcoWorx at company's recycling center
- Contributes to LEED points

3. Relay RE resilient sheet flooring

Mannington Commercial
- 14 new lighter color options
- 35 percent recycled content (20 percent post-consumer, 15 percent pre-consumer)
- Features Infinity RE backing with post-consumer carpet
- Can contribute to LEED points
Suitable for high-traffic areas

4. Tarafit corner installation


- System for installing internal and external vinyl flooring corners
- Eliminates the need for corner welding with a special cup that holds the floor up
- Creates rounded corners to make cleaning more efficient and hyg...

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