Fractional Laser Resurfacing Sayville NY

Fractional skin resurfacing in Sayville with laser has become the in-thing today. Unlike the lasers of the past decade, the fractional lasers used to resurface the skin today are more superior and produce a better esthetic result.

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Fractional skin resurfacing with laser has become the in-thing today. Unlike the lasers of the past decade, the fractional lasers used to resurface the skin today are more superior and produce a better esthetic result.

Fractional lasers are frequently used to treat:

- aging skin

- sun damaged skin

- acne scars

- surgical scars

- traumatic skin lesions

- fine facial lines

- deep wrinkles

- erase sun spots

- reduce skin discoloration

- even the texture of the skin

- improve the skin contours

Facts about fractional skin laser resurfacing

Fractional laser skin resurfacing on the face treats about 20-25% of the skin area during each session.

The fractional lasers act by modulating the lower layers of the skin. The microbeams stimulate growth of newer collagen which helps fill up the lines and creases on the face.

The tightening of the collagen particles leads to a fresher, smoother and younger looking skin.

Each treatment session takes anywhere from 15-30 minutes

Because only part of the skin is treated, multiple sessions are required over a few months

Treatment is spaced over 2-3 weeks between each treatment.

Most current day lasers are not very painful. Advanced cooling systems located at the tip of the laser help prevent the sensation of heat.

Most individuals who undergo fractional laser treatment claim that that the laser beam feels like a sharp prick or a transient needle prick.

The majority of individuals who undergo laser resurfacing will develop a sunburn skin of varying degree.

The sunburn skin will last anywhere from 2-14 days. Individuals who have sensitive skin generally tend to show more lasting side effects.

The typical side effects after fractional skin resurfacing include:

- redness

- dryness

- itching

- swelling

- bruising

The side effects last anywhere from 2-5 days. One may wear camouflage make-up to hide the transient side effects.

Hair removal by shaving can be done immediately after laser resurfacing.

The majority of individuals who undergo laser fractional resurfacing are able to return to work immediately after the procedure.

Immediate results may be seen after the first 2 session, but the final results are not evident for at least 2-3 months.

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