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In this article I am going to outline some simple steps which can help you to become a Forex trader in just two weeks. After this period you will be all set to start trading for big Forex profits.

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Author: Kelly Price

In this article I am going to outline some simple steps which can help you to become a Forex trader in just two weeks. After this period you will be all set to start trading for big Forex profits.

My idea for writing this article came from the story of "the turtles". This group where taught by trading legend Richard Dennis, to trade in just 2 weeks and none of them had ever traded before. They then went on to make hundreds of millions of dollars and went down in history as trading legends.

They learned to trade quickly and the first point to keep in mind about Forex trading is - you don't need to work hard, you need to work smart. You need to get the right Forex education, avoid the myths and keep your trading system simple. In Forex trading, you don't get rewarded for effort, just for the accuracy of your trades.

The next point to keep in mind is to keep your Forex trading strategy very simple; all the best systems are simple and if you make a system to complicated, it will break.

So what type of system should you use?

A great methodology to use is a long term trend following system, based on breakout methodology. The turtles used one and its an excellent choice, so make sure you make learning about breakouts part of your essential Forex education. Your system should only consist of a few rules and parameters and your all set.

Sounds easy so far doesn't it?

Well let's now look at the hard part of Forex trading and why 95% of traders lose.

The real key to success in Forex trading is not learning a logical method' anyone can do that but getting the right mindset to succeed. This is something most traders simply cannot do but you must pay very careful attention to because if you want to win long term at Forex trading, you need to be able to apply your system with discipline.

At some point you are going to hit a losing streak and you are going to have to keep trading your with discipline as the market gives you a string of losses. In these periods (and they can last for weeks) you are going to have to keep trading with discipline, as the market makes you look a fool and your emotions try and put you off course.

Discipline is the key hurdle to overcome on your road to currency trading success but you can do it if you know what your doing and understand, losing short term is the key to winning long term.

You can trade Forex and you can win if you want to and you might not make as much money as the turtles who we referred to earlier but the opportunity is there for anyone to learn Forex quickly and make a great second or life changing income.

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