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Folded business cards offer a variety of unique content and design ideas for an innovating businessman or businesswoman. With the extended content capacity of folding business cards, you can virtually put any kind of design idea in them.

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Folded business cards offer a variety of unique content and design ideas for an innovating businessman or businesswoman. With the extended content capacity of folding business cards, you can virtually put any kind of design idea in them. From larger designs, longer messages and better marketing angles, the sky is the limit for unique designs for folded business cards.

The two-part folded message:

One of the best ideas for a folded business card is the “two part” folded message. This type of design strategy involves composing a unique, witty or funny message that comes in two parts. You can place the first one on the front cover of your folding business card, while the second part will be placed on the inside panel of the fold, which should be directly behind the first. The first part of the message contains the premise of the statement. This should be what attracts people with its air of mystery or promise of enlightenment. The second part of the message is the “punch line” if you will of the two part message. This should give the reader an amusing joke, or a thoughtful concept to ponder upon.

For example, you can place the words “Try not to become a man of success…” on the cover of your folding business card as the premise. Then on the inside panel, you can add the second part “but rather try to become a man of value. -Albert Einstein“ as the end quote. People will appreciate this unique and inspiring strategy for your folded business cards. They will probably remember you more because of this design technique.

Open folding designs:

You can also try a design that incorporates the opening and closing folds of the business card to your advantage. For example, if your business is into plants, then you can have a Venus fly trap design for your folded business card. The outer cover can look like the plant itself, while the inner part becomes its mouth. Also, you can make your folding business card look like a laptop, a personal digital assistant, a box of chocolates or any other type of opening material to get the same effect. With these very interactive folding business cards, you will assuredly be remembered by your business contacts.

Calendar printing:

Of course, that extra space can be also used for good old pocket calendar printing. Placing a calendar in your folding business card doubles the use of that card immediately. People can use it as a business card to get into contact with you, while they can also keep it as a reference if they need to know the current date of the day. This may not be the most eye catching idea for folded business card design, but it is the most useful that will assure your business cards long life and exposure.


An advertisement is also an ideal content for the extra space of your folding business card. Since an advertisement usually involves full color images and text, make sure that you choose a good business card printing company to print those folded business cards in high quality. Placing advertisements in your business card is a good practice especially if your profession is heavily involved in sales and marketing.

All in all, there are actually a lot of things that you can put on folded business cars. The only limit really is your imagination. You can use one of the ideas above, or you can try a totally different route if your are inspired. The point of printing folding business cards is really to stand out among the rest of normal business cards in use today. Capitalize on this unique tool and you will be remembered kindly by your business card. Good Luck!

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