Floor Plans for Active Adults Syracuse NY

What are the best types of floor plans for active adults in Syracuse? Below is a plan showing what features and spaces should be included as square footage grows.

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Q: What are the best types of floor plans for active adults?

A: Active adults are not a monolithic target market. As with any group, there are many layers, all with various lifestyle needs. However, there are a few general rules to follow when designing homes for active adult communities, such as including lots of natural lighting, focusing on the outdoors when arranging room views, and creating fewer rooms but with more space. Below is a plan showing what features and spaces should be included as square footage grows.

Plan One: 1,275 square feet--42 feet wide

1. Orient all major daily living spaces to the rear yard, especially when you offer premium views. Covered porches should be at least 8 feet deep.

2. Separate the master suite from secondary bedrooms. Add some form of feature to isolate the entry. In this smaller plan, an angled entry and dropped ceiling are enough. Don't forget to carry the trim and drywall detailing through to this transition space.

3. Offer a full shower in lieu of a tub. In larger homes expect to offer both.

4. Offer a larger great room instead of smaller, chopped up spaces. Informal living spaces should flow together to create a sense of openness.

5. Provide a large, bright dining space, even in small plans. Consider a country kitchen. This approach includes the kitchen.

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