Fish Oil for Pregnant Women Springfield Gardens NY

There's no denying that human health and diet are inextricably linked. That's most important for women in pregnancy, and fish oils could help in many vital ways.

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Fish Oil For Pregnant Women? Some Studies Say Yes

Author: Peter Foremski

There's no denying that human health and diet are inextricably linked. That's most important for women in pregnancy, and fish oils could help in many vital ways.

If you choose to take a closer look at the findings involving fish oil for pregnant women, there have been some interesting results which impact on the well being of both mother and baby.

They may also be talked about as essential omega 3 oils, something we naturally derive from eating a diet rich in certain types of fish like sardines, tuna and hoki.

There's a lot of convincing, persuasive evidence which seems to suggest that omega3's should be taken for a whole host of health areas, not only during pregnancy. However, in many countries like the UK the intake is half the recommended levels.

So taking a closer look, fish oil supplementation could be a good way of:

Protecting against low birth weight and premature babies.

Reducing the risks of developing allergies and type 1 diabetes.

Lowering already high blood pressure in mothers.

Helping avoid post natal depression.

Giving the young baby's brain a vital boost in it's growth, at a critical time of its development.

Better eye-hand coordination in early infancy. This then translated into better vocabulary and comprehension.

Taking a suitable, quality supplement is another way of getting access to the nutrients in fish oils and is something I've already looked at on my main site.
I'll help you to distinguish between good and bad ones, whilst focusing on value too.

About the Author:

Peter Foremski is an avid researcher into the benefits of taking fish oils. On his fish oils site he shares that information freely on how to find the most effective brands to keep you healthy, fitter and living a fuller life.

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