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With the current lifestyle trend toward “cocooning,” fireplaces — alluring because they're a strong visual focal point — are a design feature in high demand.

Local Companies

Apex Tree & Landscaping
1081 Peck Road
Hilton, NY
Arborcare Tree & Landscape
718 East Avenue
Rochester, NY
Mr. Power Sprayer
1460 Ridge Rd East
Rochester, NY
Conservation Associates
1650 Middle Road
Rush, NY
Majestic Lawnscapes
590 Brooks Road
West Henrietta, NY
Prolawn & Landscape
1284 Drake Road
Brockport, NY
AAA Tree & Landscape Inc
875 Howard Road
Rochester, NY
Canal Town Electric
1441 East Avenue
Rochester, NY
Extreem Gutters
3460 Lyell Rd
Rochester, NY
Boon & Sons Inc
23 Turner Drive
Spencerport, NY

Publication date: January 1, 2006


With the current lifestyle trend toward “cocooning,” fireplaces — alluring because they're a strong visual focal point — are a design feature in high demand. Makers have responded with increased variety, new features, and customization options. Trims, temperature, even flame size can be carefully selected or changed on a whim. Optional remote controls are fast becoming must-haves for homeowners who want to enjoy their investment to the fullest.

Hot DÉcor

Fiery Hues tiles come in a wide range of colors and sizes designed specifically for fireplace installations. All the company's tiles are freeze- and thaw-resistant and are suitable for use both indoors and out. A number of trim styles, including rails, caps, and crowns, are also offered. Trikeenan. 603.355.2961.

Watered Down, Fired Up

The Aqueon hydrogen-burning fireplace extracts and burns hydrogen fuel from water, offering an alternative energy source that burns cleanly (eliminating the need for venting or a sealed glass front) with 100% efficiency, the maker says. Aqueon boasts a sculpture-like design with stainless steel and copper elements, along with a 360-degree view of the flame. It can be installed virtually anywhere that has water and electrical access. Heat-N-Glo. 888.427.3973.

Hearth of Glass
Courtesy Regency

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