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With the current lifestyle trend toward “cocooning,” fireplaces — alluring because they're a strong visual focal point — are a design feature in high demand.

Local Companies

Innovative Stonewall & Patio
5 Spring Street
Broadalbin, NY
Swadle Inc
28 Center Street
Fort Plain, NY
Gloversville True Value Hardware
86 East Fulton Street # 88
Gloversville, NY
Keane Care Yard Service & Landscaping
165 Lakeside Drive
Mayfield, NY
Unique Tree Service LLC
11 Staley Road
Palatine Bridge, NY
Cytech Hardwoods Inc
1785 State Highway 5s
Amsterdam, NY
M J K Lawn Maintenance and Landscaping
416 Creek Road
Esperance, NY
Ever Green Lawn & Landscape
827 State Highway 29A
Gloversville, NY
Vollmer Associates LLP
806 South William Street
Johnstown, NY
Allen Brothers Company
634 Military Road
Northville, NY

Publication date: January 1, 2006


With the current lifestyle trend toward “cocooning,” fireplaces — alluring because they're a strong visual focal point — are a design feature in high demand. Makers have responded with increased variety, new features, and customization options. Trims, temperature, even flame size can be carefully selected or changed on a whim. Optional remote controls are fast becoming must-haves for homeowners who want to enjoy their investment to the fullest.

Hot DÉcor

Fiery Hues tiles come in a wide range of colors and sizes designed specifically for fireplace installations. All the company's tiles are freeze- and thaw-resistant and are suitable for use both indoors and out. A number of trim styles, including rails, caps, and crowns, are also offered. Trikeenan. 603.355.2961.

Watered Down, Fired Up

The Aqueon hydrogen-burning fireplace extracts and burns hydrogen fuel from water, offering an alternative energy source that burns cleanly (eliminating the need for venting or a sealed glass front) with 100% efficiency, the maker says. Aqueon boasts a sculpture-like design with stainless steel and copper elements, along with a 360-degree view of the flame. It can be installed virtually anywhere that has water and electrical access. Heat-N-Glo. 888.427.3973.

Hearth of Glass
Courtesy Regency

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