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When done well, the facelift procedure can produce a much younger and aesthetically looking face. Facelift is a surgical procedure and with advances in technology in New Hartford, various modifications of the procedure have been developed.

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Face lift is also known as rhytidectomy. It is a procedure devised to erase the facial lines and wrinkles. When done well, the procedure can produce a much younger and aesthetically looking face.

Facelift is a surgical procedure and with advances in technology, various modifications of the procedure have been developed. The procedure is long lasting and effective. Its major downside is that it is not cheap

Face Lift Candidates

Despite the fact that a facelift can improve the facial image and boost confidence, the produce is not designed for everyone. It definitely is not intended for the younger adults who have good skin tone are healthy, do not smoke and have no visible signs of aging

Even those individuals with minor facial lines may be better off selecting dermabrasion or the use of chemical peels to improve the facial features.

One must be realistic when choosing a face lift procedure. Face lift may make one look young and beautiful on the outside, but it still cannot change how you feel, think or view the world.

There are many versions of a face lift (Mini face lift, lower face lift, mid face lift) and each has several options. The best procedure for you can only be determined by the surgeon, your preferences and what you can afford

Anyone undergoing a facelift must have some idea of what part of their face they want improved, how long they want to stay at home recovering from the surgery and what they finally expect out of the procedure

Face lifts are some of the most expensive cosmetic surgeries done today. The average cost of a face lift may start anywhere from % 5000 and above. This cost does not include the cost of anesthesia, prescription drugs, preparations prior to surgery and other follow-up visits. Before embarking on this procedure, the individual is well advised to discuss the TOTAL costs with the surgeon

Preparing for Face Lift Surgery

There are no rigid preparations required prior to surgery. One must stop smoking at least 2-4 weeks prior to the procedure. If one is taking a blood thinner, then a discussion of when to stop the medication should be made. The rest of the preparations are mental and physical.

Face lift
is a commonly performed procedure but like any surgery, there is always potential for side effects and complications.

Before one jumps into the procedure, one should carefully weigh all the risks and benefits of the procedure and understand the potential complications.

While face lift can reverse the signs of aging, it can certainly add more pain, scarring and even a worse cosmetic deficit in the rare case.

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