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Make the goal of your dollar store business to eliminate waste. Start by donating shop-worn and damaged but usable items to a local charity. They will be thrilled to receive the items, the landfill will have less added, and you'll be doing a good thing for your community.

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Make your Dollarstore more Eco-Friendly

Author: Bob Hamilton

Once you’ve opened a dollar store business you soon discover how huge the volume of product sold really is. You’ll be amazed at the number of items being sold on a daily basis. You’ll also be amazed at the amount of potential waste to be found in a dollarstore. Your challenge is determining what to do with all that excess material. You can take the time to sort and recycle or you can quickly and easily toss everything into the trash. This is a decision to make early on, and then to systematize into your business practices. In this article I present how to make your dollarstore more eco-friendly.

Make the goal of your dollar store business to eliminate waste. Start by donating shop-worn and damaged but usable items to a local charity. They will be thrilled to receive the items, the landfill will have less added, and you’ll be doing a good thing for your community. This does require a little sorting and handling, but you can quickly and easily train dollarstore employees to handle this work. As they become comfortable, they’ll take very little time to sort and box items for donation.

Donations of food and snacks are always appreciated by local food banks and other charities. Food management certainly does take more time and effort than just throwing away food items that can no longer be sold. However if this is managed on a daily and weekly basis, the workload is small. The rewards for helping to feed others who need the help now are immeasurable.

Recycle cardboard rather than just tossing it into the trash can. This is another task that requires a little work on a daily basis. However, your dollarstore is reducing its garbage bill while reducing the amount tossed into the landfill.

Recycle plastics whenever possible. You will soon discover it is a plastic world! Unfortunately plastic must also be sorted to locate those plastics which can be recycled. A little sorting means less garage, lower garbage bills and you are helping the environment. It’s truly a win-win-win for all.

Don’t forget the pallets your dollarstore merchandise arrives on. In some cases freight haulers will ask for exchange pallets. In other cases haulers will be happy to pay for the pallets. But there are other options for your dollar store business as well. Local pallet rebuilders will be happy to pay for rebuildable pallets. There are also often companies that offer free pickup of old pallets. While they generally don’t compensate, the pickup is free.

To your dollar store business success!

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