EPoX 9NDA3+ Socket 939 Motherboard Dunkirk NY

The following article looks at the EPoX 9NDA3+ Socket 939 motherboard, which is based around nVidia's nForce3 Ultra chipset. The motherboard makes use of an AGP port instead of the newer PCI-Express version, which makes it a good option for users wanting to keep their old yet workable AGP graphics card and upgrade to the new Socket 939 Athlon 64 platform.

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Though slow in coming, the Socket 939 motherboards are finally making it to store shelves around the world. While there are newer models coming out utilizing the new PCI-Express video ports, many just aren't ready to take that path yet. Some want to make sure the standard becomes a normal part of computing, others can't yet justify the cost of having to go out and buy a new PCI-E video board when they still have a perfectly serviceable one in their current system. Whatever the reason, the folks at EPoX have put together an Athlon-64 board that still makes use of AGP graphics.

For those who have been building for a while, you will certainly recognize the EPoX name. They have long been a friend to the enthusiast community with their motherboards that are designed to take full advantage of a full spectrum of overclocking settings. They also have a reputation of being very stable even under stress, but as always we only say this in passing. A past history is great but we need to see if this new product can keep up the tradition after weighing it's own merits.

So kick back and take a trip into the realm of the EPoX 9NDA3+ as we look into its features and its performance numbers.

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