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Traditionally, when a website design was created, the designer would upload the pages as static HTML pages. Since then, an increasing number of static websites pages have been transformed into a dynamic website. With a dynamic website, the pages of your website will change on an as needed basis.

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2 . What Is A Dynamic Website?

Many websites that you visit now have dynamic website content. This would mean that areas of the website may be different each time you visit that website. With a dynamic website, you will get the most recent information on each visit to the website. These websites will either pull their information from a database, or from information entered on a form. Rather than populating the information on your website when the site is created, a dynamic website will populate the information on your website, as the individual page is requested.

There are two ways that you can program a dynamic website. The first is with Server Side Includes. Server side includes may have the server read any database information to send the information in the format that fits in with the website design. If you see the current date displayed on a website, this is also using a server side include. The web page is requesting the server's date and time, which it displays on the page.

The second way to create a dynamic website is through client side includes. For a client side include, the server sends the web page information. Once the client's browser receives the programming, it will perform the command. A good example of a client side include would be where the image changes when the visitor rolls the mouse over the image. Unfortunately, some web browsers are automatically set to prevent script from running on the local machine.

3 . What Is A Static Website?

Unlike a dynamic website, static websites can be easily put together, no matter how much HTML you know. As static web pages are only updated when a change needs to be made to the page, each time someone visits your website, the page will have the same information, displayed the same way.

If you need to update website information for a static website, you will need to change the information, or add the new information to each page, and then upload this changed page to the server. If your website has many pages, not only can this get difficult, but the bigger your website, the more chance that you will miss updating one of the pages.

There are instances where static website pages are the best choice. For example, static websites are a great tool for a designer to use to show how a particular website design is going to look.

4 . Dynamic vs. Static Websites

Sometimes, it is difficult to tell whether you are looking at a dynamic website or a static website. Some dynamic sites will have sections of pages, or even whole pages that are static. This doesn't mean that you cannot update website information. It simply means that the website design is taking advantage of the best of both worlds.

Sometimes, you will have a website that is both a dynamic website and a static website. An example of this would be a directory website where the menu stays the same between the pages, but the rest of the page displays different information, depending on what categories were selected for the directory. Many advertising and tourism websites use this method, so they can update website information each time they add new advertisers to the database. They will add information for the new advertiser or change any existing information. The website design will not change just because the website information has changed.

At times, you will have a dynamic website design that displays static information simply for the convenience of the website owner. This method of setting up a website simply makes it easy to update the information on an as needed basis without having to search through every page in the website to make sure that you updated everything. This is especially helpful when the website is extremely large.
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