Drape Wall and Cloak Wall Pittsford NY

Two discrete wall systems based on the same concept of modularity, Drape Wall and Cloak Wall both provide alternatives to stick construction for single-family homes in Pittsford.

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Source: ARCHITECT Magazine
Publication date: August 1, 2008

By Katie Gerfen

Two discrete wall systems based on the same concept of modularity, Drape Wall and Cloak Wall both provide alternatives to stick construction for single-family homes.

Drape Wall features a system of vacuum-formed plastic bricks that snap together on an aluminum frame to form a building's exterior shell. Some bricks are opaque and others are perforated to serve as windows and to allow ventilation. On the interior, the exposed aluminum frame is covered with a quilt or drape that serves as insulation. The quilt incorporates a layer of waterproofing and a layer of insulation that also manages acoustics. Flaps can be opened and closed to expose the perforated bricks, allowing natural light and air to enter the space.

A newer exterior wall system, Cloak Wall, expands on the principles of Drape Wall. Instead of using framing for support, the bricks of Cloak Wall are held in place by compression forces from a system of tightened wires. When a structure is built using Cloak Wall, bricks can be set in place to permit larger or smaller window openings depending on the climate. Once the position is set, bricks are clamped to the foundation by a system of tension cables. The exterior is painted with automotive paint that shifts hue depending on the angle of the sun, regulating heat absorption and therefore interior temperature. In Cloak Wall, the waterproofing barrier is a separate layer of ETFE plastic that is installed between the bricks and the quilt. The quilt itself is expanded to integrate lighting fixtures and storage pockets.

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