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Domain resellers are individuals or companies who act as agents for ICANN accredited registrars. They buy domains at the wholesale price and sell them on to their customers.

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If you want to enter the domain name market and have done your research you will realize it is very lengthy, relatively expensive and possibly technically difficult process. If you had done this around 10 years ago you would be laughing. Now the market is full of domain registrars so the best alternative is to become a domain reseller. Becoming a domain reseller is the cheapest and easiest way to go about it.

Domain resellers are individuals or companies who act as agents for ICANN accredited registrars. They buy domains at the wholesale price and sell them on to their customers. It is a bit like being a middle man for selling domains. You buy them from the DOmian company, then you sell them to your customers.

The best approach to go about becoming a domain reseller is to approach an ICANN accredited registrar which offers a reseller program. ICCAN are the international body that regulates the domain industry. Domain companies need to become an ICANN accredited registrar before they can sell their domains to resellers. Once a domain company has become an accredited provider they have access to lower cost registrations.

Once you have found a domain company which is ICANN registered you will need to have a reseller hosting account with a hosting company. You can then host all of your domains on that account as well as sell domains to other people.

Becoming a domain reseller holds great business potential especially if your business is web based such as web design or internet marketing. The reasons people or companies like to become a domain reseller is that they can get domains at low wholesale prices, and sell them on giving the buyers that same discount. A lot of web design or SEO companies become resellers because they are always buying domains for themselves or their clients. So it obviously makes perfect sense to become a reseller. Once you are a registered reseller you can advertise that you sell domains cheaper than domain companies. You will be passing on all the great savings to your customers and making a small profit yourself.

There are plenty of reseller domains companies out there and more and more people are buying domains from resellers. If you are still convinced becoming a domain seller is the way to go make sure you approach a domain company that is ICANN accredited. You can find a list of these on the ICANN website on their accredited list page list.html. The reason it is important to use an ICANN registrar is because they are trusted names in domain reselling and provide a number of support services. There are lots of reseller programs available for you so make sure you do your research and look around so you will be sure to find the right program for you and your business.

So what are you waiting for? Get searching and set yourself up as a domain reseller and start reaping the benefits.

Carolyn is the webmaster for Discount Domains Ltd, an ICANN accredited registrar offering Domain Reseller Programs.

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