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The medical gadgets have almost revolutionised the medical science field. Two of the most commonly used gadgets, which have become necessary household items, are the Monitors and the meters.

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Author: Shruti Singh

The modern day medical system has come up with sophisticated gadgets to facilitate better treatment and detailed diagnosis. Even small medical gadgets can help people to diagnose fever, heartbeat etc. Other than medical practitioners and doctors even those from other professions have become increasingly health conscious about themselves and their family members. Infact, because of the constant increase in pollution and chemical imbalances in the environment, it has become almost necessary to go for a full body check up every month. In this context, the medical gadgets have almost revolutionised the medical science field. Two of the most commonly used gadgets, which have become necessary household items, are the Monitors and the meters.

These two gadgets are kept by everyone for emergency purposes. They can be used for various testing purposes like glucose test, body temperatures, heat stress, blood pressure etc. Doctors extensively use these gadgets to make necessary tests on their patients so as to diagnose the disease. What is most important here is, you should know how to use it and should understand the meter readings details. Blood pressure fluctuations, fever, low glycogen or haemoglobin deficiencies are common ailments that people face, especially after they cross their late 40's. Hence for this reason, it is of utmost importance to keep high end Monitors and Metersblood pressure monitor or a heat stress metre that is of utmost importance. The good news is, these gadgets are no longer manual with Mercury readings. They are sophisticated digital electronic products which are easy to understand and can be used by people without medical backgrounds.

In this context, some of the latest blood pressure monitors like Omron, Citizens CH 605 etc have become very common among every individual because of their advanced features and user friendliness. Most of the latest medical gadgets are fully automatic with digital display to assist non-medics to easily use it without unnecessary hassle. They have much higher accuracy compared to the earlier Mercury readers which were delicate as well as difficult to understand. What makes these latest gadgets highly facilitating is its large LCD display screen with Windows type presentations. Other than this, they are small in size and have light weight which make it much more portable and can be carried for emergency purposes, while going for a trip.

Other than these, there are various other Monitors and the meters also that are highly recommended to be kept for sudden health problems. Some of them are pedometers, compressor Nebuliser, heat stress meters etc. However, sometimes it becomes difficult for common people to avail everything as they learn to use them. Hence, most people find it more comfortable to keep Thermometers which are used for common fevers that are often treated at home itself. Earlier, these thermometers had Mercury readings which were difficult to understand. Today, digital concept has made it more user-friendly for people. Infact, the digital ones are much faster and accurate that takes measurement in Celsius and Fahrenheit. They make a beep sound when the measurement is complete. Other than this, it can also be used to recall the previous measurement.

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