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Detoxifying your body would rejuvenate you greatly. Besides, what s more enjoyable than a good, relaxing bath? Your regular baths can turn into a detoxifying bath with the use of the right recipes and best ingredients.

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Detoxifying your body would rejuvenate you greatly. Besides, what s more enjoyable than a good, relaxing bath? Your regular baths can turn into a detoxifying bath with the use of the right recipes and best ingredients. It is quite easy to prepare detox baths. You just need a good combination of essences, oils, and herbs. Add them to your bath water and you should be good. Just use the bath as you normally would. Soak in it for as long as you want and ease all those stress and toxins away. The idea behind detox baths is to eliminate the toxins present inside your body through the skin pores.

Here are popular recipes for detox bath:

Ginger Bath

Ginger is known for its strong flavor. And it s good for your health too. This recipe is perfect for people who can t stand the taste of ginger ale or ginger tea. Ginger used in your bath has almost the same effects as taking it orally. To prepare this bath, you need one fourth cup of freshly grated ginger. In the absence of such, ginger powder will do. About 2 tablespoons is enough. If you re using grated ginger, put it in a cheese cloth or a muslin bag. Dip the bag into the bathtub filled with warm water. Using the powdered ginger is much easier. Just sprinkle the same amount into your bath. Then you can soak in it for forty minutes. Add hot water continually to keep your bath warm.

Epsom Salt and Baking Soda

Salt can t be added to food too much. As for your bath, you can be generous with it. Use Epsom salt, not regular salt. Add some baking soda and you have the simplest detox bath around. The ratio is two cups baking soda to a cup of Epsom salt. Both baking soda and salt are rich in minerals that help in the detoxification process. Adding these two ingredients in the right quality would make the water silky. And it would leave your skin smooth and velvety. It is possible to add glycerin into the solution to keep your skin moist as salt may have a slight drying effect. Drops of essential oils can also be added for fragrance.

Milk Bath

Milk is one of the best baths ever created. And it can be used for detoxifying your body too. Enjoy life s simple pleasures and soak in a detox milk bath. Woman love this. Men would too. It is quite simple to prepare this bath. You need two or more cups of milk powder combined with a cup of cornstarch. Blend these two ingredients well then add it to your bath water. You can also add several drops of fragrant oil to it. Chamomile leaves and tea bags would also work. The first step is to dissolve the dry milk in one half cup boiled water. Steep chamomile leaves or tea bags in a different container. Leave for 20 minutes. Strain and add it to the milk solution. Pour it to your bath water and enjoy.
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