Dealing with Excessive Sweating Canandaigua NY

Learn how to combat excessive sweating problem in Canandaigua and get rid of your anxiety and embarrassment in social situations. Get your life back on track and stop your sweating problem for good.

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Who Else Wants to Combat Excessive Sweating?

Author: Gerry Restrivera

Hyperhidrosis or sweating excessively even without a trigger is a socially embarrassing disease. We often sweat when exposed to high temperatures, when exercising, when embarrassed and when nervous but if sweating occurs even without these triggers, it is a problem that can humiliate any person in public. It maybe hard to combat excessive sweating problems but it is a problem that needs a solution.

People who have profuse sweating problem often develop social phobia. Imagine how can you shake hands when your palms are all wet with sweat? How can you act normally in a social situation when your shirt is dripping with underarm sweat? The symptoms of hyperhidrosis are not only uncomfortable but they are also very embarrassing. It is important to know how to combat excessive sweating before it could totally affect your social and personal life.

It is important to practice good hygiene, use anti-bacterial soap to prevent bacteria infection and body odor. Choose the right kind of clothes like cotton and linen and avoid wearing clothes that will make you sweat more. Cut down on foods that can cause sweating and bad odor like garlic and onions.

To combat excessive sweating, it is best to consult your doctor. Uncontrolled sweating maybe a symptom of other health issues and it is best to rule out possible causes other than hyperhidrosis. Once diagnosed of hyperhidrosis, you doctor may prescribe antiperspirant with 10%- 15% aluminium chloride hexahydrate. In severe cases, surgery like ETS or Endoscopic Thoracic Sympathectomy may be recommended by your physician.

Natural treatment is also getting popular for people who do not want to suffer the side effects of drugs and surgery. Natural remedies have been around for ages and found effective for some health problems. To combat excessive sweating using natural methods visit Stop Sweating And Start Living.

To find out more about health and beauty remedies visit Great Discovery-Health and Beauty.

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