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The best approach to dealing with your anxiety is to reduce your anxious thoughts. In other words don't worry, be happy. While this is a very simple statement and a simple concept, it can be very difficult to achieve.

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Author: Bertil Hjert

The best approach to dealing with your anxiety is to reduce your anxious thoughts. In other words don't worry, be happy. While this is a very simple statement and a simple concept, it can be very difficult to achieve. 

There are powerful roadblocks in your way and you have to work to avoid them and break them down so you can stay on the happy path. Rather than sitting and endlessly fretting over your problems take proactive action. If you are upset about money, develop a budget, formulate a career change, go back to school, or look for promotion opportunities. 

There are things you can do to work towards eliminating and reducing your worries. Moreover, while you're working and making plans, you won't have time to worry. Productivity does a lot to ease the mind. This approach applies to worries in the family, relationships and a lot of the others that may consume your daytime thoughts. 

You can control your panic attacks, fears and phobias. The body is naturally able to restore itself to normal after an adrenaline seeking an event. You just have to learn how to activate your body's own resources. Going on a scary rollercoaster, bungee jumping, skydiving, these are all high adrenaline producing events. These thrill seekers actually enjoy the adrenaline coursing through their bodies. 

The difference between them and the average panic attack or anxiety sufferer is that they are able to quickly disassociate from the scary event. Once the skydive, bungee jump or rollercoaster is over, the fear is over and the body can engage the parasympathetic nervous system to release calming and soothing chemicals to relax the body. Your heart slows down and your lungs breathe deeper. You can activate your own parasympathetic nervous system. 

When anxiety becomes overwhelming and interferes with your day to day activities you have probably developed Generalized Anxiety Disorder or GAD. GAD makes you miss appointments, meetings, and other activities because you avoid them until they are missed entirely.

For people suffering from GAD, avoidance becomes a way of life. Are you nervous about going to that job interview? Well you delay, procrastinate and avoid until you miss the appointment entirely.

 While some people may understand the nervousness in this particular situation, what about your child's school play? You're so nervous about sitting in a crowded room, that you make excuses, procrastinate and avoid until your spouse and child come home wondering where you were. 

GAD can interfere with every part of your life and affect your personal relationships. When you have GAD, you worry constantly, about everything and anything. 

The first step in dealing with GAD is to relax. Easier said than done, huh? The first step in relaxing is training yourself to breathe. Breathing is an integral part of controlling the sensations that occur during panic or anxiety attacks. Often, when you're anxious, you hold your breath. You may not even realize you're doing it. By letting go and breathing deeply, it will help to increase the oxygen flow and loosen the tension that is building in your body. 

Whether you are a panic attack, a generalized anxiety or a phobia sufferer, you can teach your body to relax and calm itself. The first step in relaxing your body and engaging your parasympathetic nervous system is to breathe deeply. There are exercises you can do and classes you can take that will help you focus on your breathing and relaxing individual muscle groups throughout your body. 

Anxiety causes muscle tightness and tension. The simple act of loosening the tightness your body feels as a result of this can go a long way towards eliminating anxious feelings.

Positive-Thought-RedirectionTM is a powerful technique for dealing with anxious thoughts. That technique will be introduced in the free report you can download here.

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