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Breast implants in Ithaca have undergone numerous modifications over the past 30 years. Despite the media hype about silicone and toxicity, the latests implants are safer and more natural looking than previous ones.

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Breast implants have undergone numerous modifications over the past 30 years. Despite the media hype about silicone and toxicity, the latests implants are safer and more natural looking than previous ones.

No doubt some complications do occur every now and then but these are rare . Despite the concern about silicone implants, the FDA has now approved for their re-use in women over the age of 22. And todate, there is no evidence that silicone implants present any health hazard.

Even though breast implant surgery is not a major surgical procedure, all patients experience some degree of:

- pain

- swelling

- bruising

These side effects rapidly subside over the next few weeks. The pain is easily managed by over the counter pain medications.

The surgical scar may be dark initially but over time will fade away but never completely disappear.

All women who have breast implants should not exercise or perform sporting activities for at least 4-6 weeks after the surgery. Most of the individuals can return to work and perform daily living activities within 7-10 days after surgery.

Like any surgery, breast surgery also has its share of complications. Even though complications are rare, they may be devastating to the individual. The major complications of breast implants include:

- capsular contracture. When an implant is inserted, a layer of tissue forms around the implant, referred to as a capsule. If this capsule contracts it can put pressure on the implant, causing the breast to feel hard.

- Sometimes the implant can leak or rupture

- Rippling or a rough texture

- Loss of sensation of the nipple or breast tissue

- Calcium deposits can occur on the capsule

- Migration of the implant can also occur in some cases

There are also risks associated with the surgery itself, including:

- collection of blood (Hematoma)

- Infection

- Reaction to anesthesia and drugs

- risk of bleeding

In general breast implants are inserted in women over the age of 18-20. women younger than this still have breast growth and thus it is unwise to prematurely insert implants.

The majority of women who have implants have :

- dissatisfaction with their breasts

- small breasts

- sagging breasts

- asymmetrical breasts

All individuals should be in good health and not be pregnant nor breast feeding.


The average cost of Breast implants is anywhere from 3500-4500. This does not include the price of anesthesia or other costs. The average final costs for breast implants can run anywhere from 5 000-10,000. Saline implants are usually a little cheaper than silicone implants

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