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A career in the culinary arts requires a high level of skill and dedication to the craft. While it is a competitive field of work, there is an array of opportunities available for those interested in culinary arts management and careers related to the food and hospitality industry. One of the best methods to pave a career in culinary arts is to obtain a culinary arts degree that allows you to compete for the available career choices.

1 . Local Companies

Mohawk Valley Community College (Culinary Arts Management)
1101 Sherman Drive
Utica, NY
Sundaze Cafe Express
(315) 736-1551
117 New Hartford St
New Hartford, NY
Marina Cafe
(718) 967-3077
154 Mansion Ave
Staten Island, NY
Art of Eating
(631) 267-2411
74 Montauk Hwy
East Hampton, NY
Posh Palate Caterers Inc
(631) 893-3093
64 Arnold Ave
West Babylon, NY
Mohawk Valley Community College (Culinary Arts Management)
1101 Floyd Avenue Rome
Rome, NY
Sicilian Delight Restaurant & Pizzeria
(315) 732-9999
1 Sangertown Sq
New Hartford, NY
Noon Whistle Deli
(518) 798-6666
15 Lafayette St
Queensbury, NY
Bevanda Ristorante
(516) 482-1510
570 Middle Neck Rd
Great Neck, NY
Doc's Coffee & Catering
(607) 625-2820
6528 State Route 434
Apalachin, NY

2 . Culinary Art and Culinarians

Culinary art is the art of food preparation, or any expertly executed skill that relates to dining, cooking, and various forms of food service. The culinary artist, or a certified culinarian, works in the behind-the-scene environment of the kitchen, as well as the cutting-edge competition at the forefront of food consultancy and culinary arts management. The important thing to remember is that as a culinary artist you are often expected to do more than simply cook. You are responsible for stimulating the senses of clients who will enjoy a meal while also providing a high standard of service.

Whether your role is to cook the meal, present the meal, or serve the meal, you require the skill to fully execute your responsibility in the art of culinary presentation. A culinary arts degree will allow you to learn about all aspects of the trade, thus preparing you to work in various fields. You might opt to specialize in a particular type of culinary art, and this choice will affect the type of culinary arts program you choose. Choosing a culinary arts specialty can assist you in improving your future career options and making yourself more marketable. Furthermore, there are many types of culinary arts that you should be aware of before making a decision about which culinary arts degree program to enter.

3 . Choosing a Degree and Specialty in the Culinary Arts

Although culinary art is a general career option, many culinarians choose to specialize in a particular area within the culinary arts. Some of the options available for those students who would like a culinary arts degree and prefer to have a rewarding career away from the public eye are: a general chef, a cook, a personal chef, a food stylist, a baker, a food and sanitation inspection officer, a design consultant, a kitchen equipment sales representative, a wine taster, or a food consultant.

Choosing a culinary arts program where you learn the skills necessary to excel in these specialties, will enable you to work with clients who are themselves restaurant managers or event planners, and at times, you will be required to supervise and manage your own staff. If you find working with the general public and the dining environment to be a more rewarding experience for you, you might choose a culinary arts degree that allows you to specialize in becoming a dining room service manager, a food critic, a food sales representative, a professional waiter, a hotel kitchen manager, or perhaps a nutritionist. Even within these options there are a number of subdivisions that refine a student's course of study in a culinary arts program. For example, if you chose to become a chef, your program would assist you with the decision of what type of chef (e.g. pastry chef, fine cuisine chef, hotel and resort chef, banquet chef, meat chef, cultural specialty chef, gluten-free chef, vegetarian foods chef etc.) to become.

Regardless of which specialty you decide on, or if you are still uncertain of your options, a culinary arts degree can help you to narrow down your choices to the particular area of culinary arts that best suits you. In addition, a culinary arts program will also assist you in expanding your possibilities as a culinary artist. Different degrees are readily available for people wanting to become students of the culinary arts. There are Associate degree programs, Certificate programs, Bachelor of Arts programs, as well as online and distance learning choices for any of these degree options. Choosing to study in a culinary arts program will allow you to commence a fruitful career in the culinary arts.

4 . An Associate Degree in Culinary Arts

The Associate degree culinary arts program requires the general prerequisites earned in a high school diploma, and is often most popular for those just starting out as students in the culinary arts. A culinary arts Associate degree generally takes a student two years of full time study to complete. There are community colleges that offer this program as well as private culinary arts institutes. However, study at private institutes tends to be more costly than the typical community college. Private culinary arts institutes offer programs that are usually at least double the cost of a community college, and for the average student, cost is a factor in deciding whether or not to pursue a degree. Many institutes do not advertise their program costs online and it is often best to call and speak with a representative to find out accurate information on tuition and program duration.

The Associate degree, or Associate in Applied Science degree, will give a student in the culinary arts program general exposure to food preparation, cooking theories, customer service and human relations, kitchen skills, equipment operations, and kitchen management. Culinary arts Associate degrees also tend to offer hospitality and management programs in combination with the culinary arts degree. In general, a student looking to pursue a two year culinary arts degree should ensure that the Associate program which they enter is an accredited program that allows them to continue on to complete a Bachelor of Arts degree if they choose to.
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