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As a result of poor money management or perhaps things that are simply out of our control, many of us find ourselves in trouble with our credit.

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Consumer Credit Counseling Service of Southern New York
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380 N Broadway
Jericho, NY
Dependable Credit Corp
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285 Saw Mill Rs
Yonkers, NY
Debt Reduction Services of New York
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Mount Sinai, NY
Mlc Debt Management Inc
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734 Walt Whitman Rd Ste 308
Melville, NY
Credit & Debt Counseling
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1775 Grand Concourse
Bronx, NY
Premier Credit Solutions
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3906 Amboy Rd Ste 2
Staten Island, NY
Roybar Associates
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33 Main St
Hempstead, NY
Credit & Debt Counseling Service
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Brooklyn, NY
AAA Debt
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Albany, NY
Cambridge Credit Corp
(631) 673-4900
3001 Expressway Dr S
Hauppauge, NY

As a result of poor money management or perhaps things that are simply out of our control, many of us find ourselves in trouble with our credit. This can have devastating effects on many areas of our life although it certainly is not something that is going to be life threatening. Even so, with our credit numbers being low, it can hurt our ability to get a loan, apply for an apartment or even get a job. Although there are a lot of different credit repair services that are available out there, many people are interested in credit repair self help because they recognize that they are the ones that need to take the first step in order to bring their numbers up.

Credit repair self help really starts with getting into the mindset that you re going to do everything possible in order to raise your credit score. This would include such things as paying all of your bills on time, regardless of what you have to give up in the process. Most of us realize that paying bills late is going to hurt our credit score but many of us don t realize exactly how devastating of an effect it has. Paying one bill late is going to lower your credit score considerably and if you are consistently late, it is going to put you down with difficulty of ever getting back up again. That is why it is important for you to correct this immediately and consistently.

Another thing that you should consider if you are trying to go through a credit repair self help program is to take a look at your credit score in the first place. Each individual is entitled to a copy of their credit score and you will need to contact the credit agencies in order to obtain one. Once you have it in your hand, you should go over it very carefully in order to determine if there are any mistakes which need corrected. If you find one, take the time to make sure that it is corrected and your credit score will go up as a result. Although it will take several months for the corrections to actually display themselves, you would be surprised with how quickly it will rise after that.

If you are in a position where you are simply unable to pay your bills and there is no hope of you ever getting out of your current condition, you may want to consider going through bankruptcy. Bankruptcy is certainly nothing to be ashamed of and it is a provision that has been put into place in order to help individuals who have gotten themselves into this kind of trouble. Although this is a last ditch credit repair self help process, it is certainly one that is available if you need it. Once you have your debts wiped out as a result of the bankruptcy, you can begin building your credit once again.

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