Controlling ADHD Without Medication Cortlandt Manor NY

ADHD natural cures or homeopathy ADHD are gaining in popularity as parents find to their joy that there are no side effects or health risks. Controlling ADHD without medication or at least with minimum medication which is not harmful, is now a viable alternative.

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Author: Robert William Locke

The American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) has come out strongly in favour of combination therapy for ADHD whereby medication is used together with other types of therapy for example, behaviour therapy ,cognitive therapy or counselling. This they say will give the best and longest lasting results. That is supported too by the University of New York which has done research which shows that ADHD children following a combined therapy program can certainly reduce their dosages of ADHD medication. While controlling ADHD without medication may not be entirely possible, it is certainly a viable alternative in making an ADHD child's life easier and more successful.

Behaviour therapy can take many forms and is one of the most successful techniques used to-day in controlling ADHD without medication or with reduced medication. It teaches parents how to cope with defiant children and how to drastically reduce arguments and also how to cope with inattention in children. Praising children for tasks well done should never be left unsaid and should always be rewarded promptly. That could be extra time watching TV or on the computer or just a snack. Parents are trying to teach and nurture good behaviour. The converse is equally important so that the child knows the consequences of bad behaviour and the fact that it is applied by the parent every single time will be more than effective over a period of time. Controlling ADHD without medication or with medication which is less risky is gaining ground among parents.

Making sure that you know what all the rights of an ADHD child are at school is almost equally important. That means getting involved and making sure that the teacher has special arrangements in place in the class to help your child. You should be able to find out what they are without any hassle. You should also know about a 504 plan and/or special educational facilities and whether they apply to schools in your state. The number of children who qualify for special education facilities is growing every year. In Oregon alone one in eight students qualify and there are 9,000 preschoolers who actually qualify for the early intervention services. I imagine there are similar figures in the other states.

Parents also look after diet and make sure that their children have enough 'green time' in the open air where possible. There are parents who swear by ADHD coaches and others who have tried counselling. The important thing is that while controlling ADHD without medication is a somewhat arduous task , these are the viable ways which can lessen the impact of this disorder and can make a real contribution to helping the child to grow up as a successful and fulfilled adult.

Reducing the risks and side effects of ADHD medication is a top priority for many parents now. This is no pipe dream or Utopia as many parents testify.

ADHD natural cures or homeopathy ADHD are gaining in popularity as parents find to their joy that there are no side effects or health risks. Controlling ADHD without medication or at least with minimum medication which is not harmful, is now a viable alternative.

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Robert Locke is a Health enthusiast who specializes in Children's Health. He has written extensively on ADHD. Discover what Natural ADHD treatment is available

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