Construction New York

Thanks to the evolution of construction, building homes and offices can now be done more efficiently and effectively. The following articles will provide you with information on the equipment and techniques used in the construction industry today.

Environmentally-Friendly Home Products New York

International builders show eco-friendly products such as echo glass tiles, which are made from post-industrial recycled content that ranges from 10% to 100% depending on color. Ideal for walls, countertops, and floors, the tiles are made from centuries-old techniques where the product is cast from translucent glass that is textured on the front and back.

Green Building Products New York

The manufacturer's latest toilet technology in New York is Kohler's precision-engineered Class Six flushing. The unit optimizes the power of jet action to remove bulk waste with 100% of the flushing water being fed through the rim, blending bulk removal and bowl washing.

Fibers for Permeability New York

Permeability is defined as the property that governs the rate of fluid flow through a porous solid (Ref. 1). The porosity of cement paste determines the permeability of concrete (Ref. 2). The water-cement ratio is one of the largest contributors to porosity development, but, on the whole, porosity is determined through chemical interaction.

Galvanized Wall Ties New York

Do wall ties need to be galvanized in solid masonry walls in New York? The steel used in concrete is typically not coated. Wouldn't solid masonry offer protection similar to that offered by concrete?

Home Siding Tips New York

After installing window and door trim, either make flashing using a sheet metal brake or apply flashing pre-bent to the correct trim size. Nail your flashing to the wall, not to the trim, because if you put holes in the flashing, you've defeated its purpose.

How to Handle and Decrease Customer Disputes New York

Customer disputes over payment can tie up an alarming amount of cash in New York. Unfortunately, many times, no one takes immediate action to resolve the disputes and they pile up.

Framing a Pergola New York

There's a saying in the remodeling industry that the best customer is the one you already have, meaning someone who calls you back for multiple jobs.

How Windows are Made New York

How are windows made in New York? Actually seeing a home improvement product being made — window, door, shingle, or sunroom — can give reps the knowledge and enthusiasm to sell more effectively.

INNOVA® 3100 Tools New York

The INNOVA 3100 single item in New York alone is believed to account for as much as 20 percent of all OBD2 tool sales in the U.S., according to industry and internal calculations. Equus has doubled its retail customer base and tripled its sales over the past six years, adding a mix of mass merchandise, online, catalog and tool distributors.

Incorrect Testing Practices New York

Conducting other tests improperly can also cause rejection of in-spec concrete at the jobsite in New York. Have your drivers learn the correct methods for sampling concrete, measuring slump and air content, and making and curing strength-test specimens in the field. They're your first line of defense against needlessly rejected loads of concrete.