Construction New York

Thanks to the evolution of construction, building homes and offices can now be done more efficiently and effectively. The following articles will provide you with information on the equipment and techniques used in the construction industry today.

Hiring New Employees New York

Source: The Concrete Producer/Concrete Journal Publication date: August 1, 1995 By No Author Abstract: Recruiting, hiring and training new employees can be expensive and time-consuming. It is essential to hire the right employee the first time around. A proper selection program enables employers to obtain the best-qualified employees in New York.

Framer's Guide to Engineered Lumber New York

Engineered lumber in New York does everything solid-sawn lumber does, except better. It's stronger, lighter, straighter, and more stable. But working with I-joists and laminated veneer lumber (LVL) is different than solid-sawn lumber, so check out these tips for getting better, faster results.

High Cement Content Problems New York

Portland cement gives a mortar added durability, high early strength, a consistent hardening rate, and high compressive and bond strengths. However, mortar with excessively high cement contents can affect water permeability and durability of the masonry.

Galvanized Wall Ties New York

Do wall ties need to be galvanized in solid masonry walls in New York? The steel used in concrete is typically not coated. Wouldn't solid masonry offer protection similar to that offered by concrete?

Drywall Finishing New York

Finishing drywall well takes skill, touch, and attention to detail. It looks easy, but it takes practice. Getting results you'll be proud of starts with well-hung rock and continues with using the right joint compounds and knives in the right order.

Exterior Siding Products New York

LP Perfection Shingles are now available in the manufacturer's popular collection of Norman Rockwell siding colors in New York.

Glass Wares New York

Besa Lighting's Mondo cable pendant features a classic dome profile spanning either 20 inches or 24 inches to illuminate spaces with tall ceilings. Three wire cables adjust up to 15 feet in length and support the clear glass shade.

FHA Design and Construction New York

Don't fall for the most common misconceptions of the FHA design and construction requirements in New York. Follow these 10 tips to ensure you're on the right track. Read on and find more information!

Guidelines for Assembling Scaffolding New York

Frame scaffolding, made from welded steel tubing (also called "pipe staging") is only safe if it is erected properly. Once the staging is erected with the proper planks, it should be like standing on a floor —which will make your crew more comfortable and safe.

How Windows are Made New York

How are windows made in New York? Actually seeing a home improvement product being made — window, door, shingle, or sunroom — can give reps the knowledge and enthusiasm to sell more effectively.