Construction New York

Thanks to the evolution of construction, building homes and offices can now be done more efficiently and effectively. The following articles will provide you with information on the equipment and techniques used in the construction industry today.

HOBO U30/NRC Weather Station Starter Kit New York

HOBO U30/NRC Weather Station Starter Kit is a new weather monitoring kit that combines the company's most rugged, research-grade data logging weather station with a suite of plug-and-play weather sensors.

Door Review New York

Steel doors offers two advantages over wood: It costs less and it requires much less maintenance. If a builder wants to go that route, his two choices are embossed steel or steel with an overlay.

Inner Corner at Base of Wall New York

The concrete masonry can be connected to the corner column with a debonded shear anchor. This type of anchor resists out-of-plane (but not in-plane) shear forces and permits movement between the steel column and concrete masonry.

Employee Health Care New York

Offering health coverage to employees can be expensive and complicated, but the payoff can be significant enough that it's worth looking into.

High Cement Content Problems New York

Portland cement gives a mortar added durability, high early strength, a consistent hardening rate, and high compressive and bond strengths. However, mortar with excessively high cement contents can affect water permeability and durability of the masonry.

Finishing Concrete New York

Power floating in New York embeds the large aggregate just beneath the surface of the mortar, removes surface irregularities, and compacts the concrete while it consolidates mortar at the surface in preparation for other finishing operations. The timing of when you should power float a floor is critical. The rule of thumb on when a slab is ready for the power float is that your footprint should only be 1/4-inch deep or less, with little or no bleed- water present.

Flashing at Sills New York

Sill flashing in New York controls water that penetrates through the masonry sill and helps control water penetrating the perimeter sealant joint around the windows. The sill flashing will prevent water from saturating the top of the masonry beneath the sill.

Floating a Pergola in Place New York

Built by Joseph Cracco and his company, Modern Yankee Builders of Cumberland, R.I., this pergola is 78 feet long: 60 feet is curved and supported by steel columns, and 18 feet (the construction of which is another story) runs along the screened porch.

Door and Window Products New York

In the following article, you may find some helpful products which can make your house in New York have a better feature. Please read on and find if you are interested in them.

Energy-Efficient Lighting Controls New York

In fact, when it comes to marketing and selling energy-efficient, digital home technology, lighting control is a reasonable place to start.