Thanks to the evolution of construction, building homes and offices can now be done more efficiently and effectively. The following articles will provide you with information on the equipment and techniques used in the construction industry today.

How to Regreen a Home

Architect and "Not So Big" life style visionary Sarah Susanka says when it comes to green remodeling, it's not only about sustainability, energy efficiency and durability, but also innate beauty and the appropriateness in size.

Door Hardware

Long an outlet for designers and homeowners to express their personal aesthetics, door hardware just keeps getting more and more stylish. The most recent introductions take hardware to new heights of fashion with high-end finishes, modern silhouettes, unique options, and coordinating accessories without sacrificing security at the entry.

Green Products - Product Reviews

Insulation is inherently green for its energy-saving properties. Here's a look deeper to see how each type of products measures up on other eco factors.

Environmentally-Friendly Product Reviews

Recycled countertops are like the students in your high school class everyone envied: they are blessed with stunning good looks and amazing social skills, too. Recycled surfaces offer the benefits of being socially conscious without sacrificing style.

Eco-Friendly Product Reviews

Translucent illumaWALL is made of polycarbonate or resin art panels that transmit diffused natural light. At night, integral LEDs can be programmed to change colors. The double-glazed walls filled with Nanogel Aerogel (optional) achieve R-10 with high light transmission.

Festool Joining System

Festool's Domino isn't just a brand new type of joining tool; it's a whole new joining system. Based on mortise-and-tenon joinery, the Domino combines the qualities of biscuits and dowels with a stronger, self-aligning joint.

How to Handle and Decrease Customer Disputes

Customer disputes over payment can tie up an alarming amount of cash. Unfortunately, many times, no one takes immediate action to resolve the disputes and they pile up.

Inner Corner at Base of Wall

The concrete masonry can be connected to the corner column with a debonded shear anchor. This type of anchor resists out-of-plane (but not in-plane) shear forces and permits movement between the steel column and concrete masonry.

Guidelines for Assembling Scaffolding

Frame scaffolding, made from welded steel tubing (also called "pipe staging") is only safe if it is erected properly. Once the staging is erected with the proper planks, it should be like standing on a floor —which will make your crew more comfortable and safe.

FHA Design and Construction

Don't fall for the most common misconceptions of the FHA design and construction requirements. Follow these 10 tips to ensure you're on the right track. Read on and find more information!

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