Thanks to the evolution of construction, building homes and offices can now be done more efficiently and effectively. The following articles will provide you with information on the equipment and techniques used in the construction industry today.

Glass Wares

Besa Lighting's Mondo cable pendant features a classic dome profile spanning either 20 inches or 24 inches to illuminate spaces with tall ceilings. Three wire cables adjust up to 15 feet in length and support the clear glass shade.

Eco-Friendly Products

The advent of photovoltaic solar electric systems that connect and interact with grid power has opened up new categories of products to monitor, distribute, store, and control electrical supply and demand to and from solar-powered homes.

Franchise Fundamentals

A residential construction-related franchise can be a great investment — for the right firm or manager. However, the price remodelers have to pay is more than just the purchase cost — it includes significant capital to buy the territory and set up the franchise as well as payment of royalties over the duration of the partnership.

Handling Siding Materials

Like all siding materials, fiber cement has a learning curve. With a few simple steps, however, you can achieve excellent results on a consistent basis. Here are the biggest mistakes to avoid.

How Masonry Buildings Resist Earthquakes

Because masonry buildings usually have many structural wall elements, they tend to be stiff laterally. Because masonry buildings are stiff laterally, even moderate earthquakes can subject them to large shear loads at their base.

Exterior Siding Products

LP Perfection Shingles are now available in the manufacturer's popular collection of Norman Rockwell siding colors.

Door Hardware

Long an outlet for designers and homeowners to express their personal aesthetics, door hardware just keeps getting more and more stylish. The most recent introductions take hardware to new heights of fashion with high-end finishes, modern silhouettes, unique options, and coordinating accessories without sacrificing security at the entry.

Home Improvement Tools

Aluminum Low-Profile side boxes maximize storage space without compromising rear-window visibility. The low-profile design sits just above the bed rail to keep rear sight lines intact. The reduced height is offset by an increased width to provide a larger storage area.

How to Regreen a Home

Architect and "Not So Big" life style visionary Sarah Susanka says when it comes to green remodeling, it's not only about sustainability, energy efficiency and durability, but also innate beauty and the appropriateness in size.

Emergency Tire Repair Products

A flat tire at a jobsite is no fun. Thinner, less robust utility trailer tires are especially vulnerable. Tow vehicles routinely throw objects into the path of trailers, and when trailers veer toward a road's shoulder, they encounter all kinds of puncture-ready debris.

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