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Our personal information is precious as gems and gold as our treasure. It is something that we own and always keep in safe. It is usually marked with confidentiality. Only the authorized person can retrieve our personal information.

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Our personal information is precious as gems and gold as our treasure. It is something that we own and always keep in safe. It is usually marked with confidentiality. Only the authorized person can retrieve our personal information.

Computers are stored by different information about us and our work. It is loaded by different software that we used. It’s like our diary that keep record our daily task. They are like safety bolt or treasure box that hides and keeps our personal data. But, are we sure that keeping it right there will make it safe and free from hackers. There are a lot of possibilities that we should not trust right away.

Nowadays, everything is possible with those people who are knowledgeable or expert in this area. They are too inventive and experimental. Sometimes, they have valid reason in developing something new. But most of them give headaches to those who are unaware users.

Hackers corrupt information or data in our computers. It can be our contacts, credit card or security numbers that are stored in our system. They can even create or download a virus to store in our hardware that damages our system. When this happened, there’s a displaying pop ups and unusual content appear in our desktop. Its speed performance becomes slow and unstable. If we browse the internet, our home page changes unexpectedly.

To avoid this unwanted situation, we need to be virus protected. We can download anti virus software to our computers. There is a variety of software in the net or market to choose from. They clean and remove the viruses and give update to keep us aware about the latest bugs sent and remove from our files.

Anti virus can detect the presence of virus in our email or file. It works automatically. But for removable USB (Universal Serial Bus) sticks, floppy disc and DVDs/CDs, we need to scan them manually and have to make this as a routine for virus protection.

To keep safe, let’s not open emails from unknown senders. It’s one way of the hackers to send viruses to the users. Spam or bulk emails should not be open unless it came from someone you know. Do not open pop ups or message boxes of advertisements because it could be one of their trick. Attachments to email should be scanned first before opening it. We should take caution when downloading application from the internet. And always keep our anti virus software updated.

There are certain issues now about these hackers. Some of them use different credit card numbers of different users to buy in internet store. These owners are not aware that they are being robbed. The time they discovered, it may be too late. A team from Secret Agency executes a plan to catch these hackers. They were catch but still numerous hackers around the world are spreading.

What we can do is prevention. For us, to keep safe, always be careful in downloading files from different source and always double check and scan for virus.

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