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You should realize that you have a problem and you cannot control the way you use your credit card. So, you must refrain from using your credit card and if it means getting rid of the credit card altogether - then so be it.

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Author: Cindy Heller

Nobody really knows the extent of credit card debt problem. It is a ticking time bomb just like the sub-prime housing loan. If you have more than one month salary worth of debt in your credit card account and you have rolled over your debt more than once consecutively, you are already in deep problem although you may not realize it or simply refuse to acknowledge it. Do this self-assessment - if the credit card companies withdraw your credit facilities, will you be able to repay all your debts within three months? If you cannot, it is high time to take affirmative action. Firstly, to reduce your debt and clear them completely eventually. Secondly to form good spending habits to prevent yourself from going into debt again.

Stop Using Credit Cards

You should realize that you have a problem and you cannot control the way you use your credit card. So, you must refrain from using your credit card and if it means getting rid of the credit card altogether - then so be it.

Start Paying off Your Debts

Sit down and determine to the last cents, what is your total debt. Work out a practical plan for repayment. Do not stick to the minimum sum for repayment. Plan on 2 -3 years' repayment period if your debt is huge. Otherwise, endeavor to clear them as soon as possible. You can also check out whether your credit card company is willing to lower the interest rate on your credit card debts. More often than not, credit card companies will be more than willing to accommodate as it is also good for their business to have assured repayment.

If the credit card companies are not obliging, you can use low interest rate balance transfers to give you some breathing room. However, be sure to use the money from the balance transfer loan for repayment of existing debts and not any other usage.

Learn How to Budget Your Monthly Finances

After you have work out the exact amount of debts, add on your recurring bills such as utilities, gas, groceries and telephone. Determine exactly how much you need to spend each month and that should be what you really really need to spend. You will then have a very good idea of whether you need to take on a second job or to prioritize your spending.

Consolidating Your Debts

If you are in a real deep problem, you should consult a credit counselor or at least, sought to consolidate your debts. Consolidating your debt is a good way of lowering your monthly repayment amount, the interest rate payable and it will allow you the ease of a single monthly payment. This should help to prevent anymore penalty for late payment or non-payment. It is also a realistic plan for clearing your debts and to get your life back on track while allow you to live a more or less normal life without the constant worrying about debts.

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Cindy Heller is a professional writer. To learn how to get out of credit card debt, please visit debt reduction plans.

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