Colitis Attack Woodside NY

First of all, don't panic. Don't immediately start to worry about the future and what this will mean for your life. Yes your life will change but probably not to the exaggerated extent that your racing mind is suggesting.

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Author: Michael Tasker

First of all, don't panic. Don't immediately start to worry about the future and what this will mean for your life. Yes your life will change but probably not to the exaggerated extent that your racing mind is suggesting.

The symptoms that you maybe suffering from could well not be colitis. It is important not to get inflammatory bowel syndrome (IBS) mixed up with inflammatory bowel disease (IBD). With IBS, you will experience a mild version of IBD. Yes you may have some discomfort in your bowel when going to the toilet and you will probably have some very small evidence of passing blood. It is imperative to seek your doctor's advice for colitis (IBD) to be discounted and if you are fortunate that you are given the all clear then just celebrate. Why did I just say this? Well, you have been spared the difficult journey that more people each year have to endure when they are diagnosed with colitis.

So what should you look out for as the early signs of colitis? You may notice a slight discomfort of feeling in your lower abdominal area. It can be brought about by the movement of walking. Normally, for example when an infection begins you feel its strength slowly building up. You are aware of its gradual influence over your body's health and how it influences then takes control over it. It is normally gradual. Colitis can often be very different. From very mild symptoms, such as the burning sensation in the abdominal area, to the onset of diarrhoea, things can start to change very quickly.

Colitis is no respect of time, whatever is going on in your life, you can't just take a tablet or two to delay the symptoms. If you are going to get a colitis attack, it is going to happen no matter how you may wish to delay it or think "I will be okay to keep going for another week before it hits me" to the point where you will have to slow down and stop what you are doing. Furthermore, don't think that you can fall back on the dangerous assumption that it will "just go away" if you leave it. You must understand that ulceration of the colon is very serious and once occured, it certainly will not "just disappear". If someone took this stance, they would be storing up a lot of trouble and discomfort for themselves.

If the colitis attack is not treated with the appropriate prescribed medication, the ulceration of the colon will go unchecked and the symptoms will worsen. The bleeding will intensify and coupled with an increase in the need to go to the toilet and the resultant pain, the sufferer will inevitably be faced with the no choice scenario of going to their doctor for a diagnosis and then undergoing treatment. Unfortunately, the patient might have endured a longer period of greater discomfort that could have been reduced had assist been asked for sooner. At this time, it is also important to seek the experience and knowledge of others who have experienced exactly what it is like to live through their first colitis attack and learned how to live life as normal as possible with ulcerative colitis. It can be the small pieces of real advice that can make the big differences to your experience.

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The author has lived with colitis, an ilesotomy and now a j pouch since 1994 and all the real experiences and knowledge which only a colitis survivor has are now available to you to. Here is your opportunity to find the answers to make your daily life easier and ease your anxieties. The colitis answers that your doctor is just unable to provide are at

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