Chronic Panic Attacks and Anxiety Disorders Ithaca NY

For chronic panic attack and anxiety sufferers the need for help is acute. While there is no way to cure you of your panic attacks, there are very good ways to reduce them in number and severity.

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Author: Bertil Hjert

For chronic panic attack and anxiety sufferers the need for help is acute. While there is no way to cure you of your panic attacks, there are very good ways to reduce them in number and severity. 

Many people can reduce the frequency of attacks so that they are years apart. This kind of relief cannot be underestimated. One of the crucial components in understanding your panic or the source of your anxiety is to identify the triggers for them.

Do the attacks start when you are in confined spaces, open spaces, surrounded by too many people, encountering an authority figure? 

What is the trigger in the attack or the anxiety episode? Once you identify the triggers you can work to cut down the number of stressors you encounter daily. You will probably not be able to eliminate stressors entirely unless you want to live alone in the woods somewhere. Even that may have stressors of its own.

Your goal is not to eliminate the triggers but to reduce them and more importantly understand what they are. Understanding will help with positive thought redirection.

What panic sufferers need to remember is that even though it doesn´t seem like it, you are in control. You have the power. Panic attack sufferers feel powerless, like victims. You are not a victim; you are not out of control. With practice you can regain control. You can stop panic attacks dead in their tracks, you can reduce and curb your anxiety, and you can train your mind to be more positive. 

By changing your thinking habits and retraining your brain to approach difficulties in another way you will greatly reduce your anxiety, your panic attacks and your phobias. The power of positive thinking is real; redirecting your anxious thoughts can be life changing for you. 

Don´t let anxiety ruin your life any longer, don´t let panic interfere with your job and don´t let fear disrupt your family and personal relationships. You can create or restore peace to your mind and live a better life without the constant worry, anxiousness and fear that have been hampering your days.

There are clear, easy to understand approaches to controlling your anxiety. Let the powerful process of redirecting your anxious thoughts help your life become fuller and more meaningful. Don't wait any longer to solve your anxiety problems.

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