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The best mistake of people looking for part time employment is getting the very first job they can bag. Of course, this seems practical (after all, how can one be so sure he or she will be able to get other part time jobs after that?)—but it isn’t. Part time jobs should be considered as serious employment and not just something you would do for the sake of earning money.

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The best mistake of people looking for part time employment is getting the very first job they can bag. Of course, this seems practical (after all, how can one be so sure he or she will be able to get other part time jobs after that?)—but it isn’t. Part time jobs should be considered as serious employment and not just something you would do for the sake of earning money. This means you should consider your part time employment very seriously, as if it’s something you’re willing to do for a considerably long period of time.

Therefore, the key here is to choose part time jobs wisely. And the very first part of this process is to make sure your job selection is varied and wide enough to give you the opportunity to choose.

Employment considerations

But before you even start looking for a part time job, you should try consider these factors first in order to ensure that you will not get a part time job you’ll only end up hating.

First off, ask yourself: “what is it that I enjoy doing?” What are your interests? What activities and tasks do you enjoy doing? And what tasks do you excel in? For instance, if you like keeping to yourself, your job selection should not include jobs that require you to interact with people (you should avoid restaurant jobs or sales jobs, or any service oriented jobs). Instead, you should choose office jobs—or, simply, part time jobs that allow you to work on your own. Of course, you will have to consider your strengths as well. You wouldn’t get a sales job in fashion when you absolutely know nothing about it, for one. This is where many part timers make the most crucial mistake. Just because you’re accepted for a job doesn’t mean you can actually excel in it. Your job selection should only include jobs you know you will excel at.

Time is another important consideration when looking for part time jobs. Most part time job employers require employees to work for at least 20 hours per week—and no less than that. As a part timer, you should be ready to work in various shifts (including weekend and midnight shifts, if applicable). Before you look for employment, you should assess yourself: can you devote 20 hours of your week for this? Include the travel time when considering this, for very obvious reasons.

The money, of course, should be a factor too. Consider how much you will earn from the job and how much you need to make. Here, you will probably have to ask yourself: “why am I doing this part time job in the first place?” Factor in the commute money (how much you need to spend to get to your job, if applicable) and expenses during the job (including money for food, for instance). Would you still make enough money to make your part time job profitable? Is that money what you need to make, or do you need to look for another job to earn what you need to make?

Job selection

Now that you know exactly the factors you can use in order to assess part time employment properly, it’s time to actually choose a part time job.

Of course, the issue here is this: how do you find one. There are many ways to find part time jobs, but there are things you will need in order to get something you will love: connections and resourcefulness.

Check out who among your friends, relatives, and acquaintances have jobs and part time jobs—or any kind of employment. Use them as your feelers, people who will let you know if there is a possible employment opening in their respective employment places. Connections need not be someone who’s a high ranking boss in a company or office (although it’d be delightful if they are). The very basic you can work on here is that you have people who will tell you employment possibilities, increasing your job choices. Many employment possibilities do not announce openings in their companies, so this only makes feelers quite useful.

Meanwhile, you need resourcefulness if your connections will not be enough to actually score you employment. Resourcefulness is the ability to find jobs at all cost, whether through your amazing internet skills (there are tons of jobs posted online, and only a few people know where to find the good ones) or through your tenacity. Resourcefulness allows you to go to offices one by one, asking if there is a possible opening. This takes nerve, and also a great determination. How far would you go to get employment?

Once you actually have job choices, you can now choose. Choosing a part time job requires consideration of the previous factors mentioned earlier—your skills and preference, your time, and your financial needs. The order of these factors can be according to their level of importance, but that it is obviously something that changes from person to person. Some people look for employment to gain employment experience, which they can use for their future job searches. In this case, the nature of the job is more important than the money, although it should at least make them earn enough money to make the job profitable. Others look for part time because they need the extra money. In this case, one should be less choosy (but not completely disregarding the nature of the job) if it pays well. Again, this is why a wide and varied list of job choices should be prioritized before choosing; this way, you actually have jobs to choose from, giving you the necessary choices.

Choosing a part time job carefully is important because it gives you the option to love your job. The main mistake of job searchers is being too open with the job they get. In the end, they end up not loving the job, making them quit sooner than they expected. A job should be something you would love to do in order to enjoy it; choosing carefully gives you that.
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