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Catalog printing, like booklet printing is one of the best things that can aid your business in these hard times. A full color catalog has many advantages that make it able penetrate markets in a visual and personal level.

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Catalog Printing: Your Business Helper

Author: Janice Jenkins

Catalog printing, like booklet printing is one of the best things that can aid your business in these hard times. A full color catalog has many advantages that make it able penetrate markets in a visual and personal level. Also, since it is a very mobile and relatively uncomplicated promotional tool, virtually everyone can read a catalog with no problems whatsoever. If you want to know more about how catalog printing can help your business, just read on and follow the items below.

An enduring promotional material:

Catalogs as a promotional tool have a very long lifespan. Unlike other investments like booklet printing which can be easily thrown away, a catalog is an enduring print medium that can last several years. In fact, if you are saving money, you can even use your catalogs from last year, or even from the past five years and it can still probably attract a sale. This is because most catalogs have a nice thicker front and back cover that increases the catalog’s protection from the elements.

Also, catalogs can always be reused and redistributed anytime. People can give them to family and friends if they are finished reading the catalogs. Other promotion print mediums like posters can be given to people this way.

Visual and textual advertising combined

Besides endurance though, color catalogs are basically a marriage of visual and textual content. The basic selling point of catalogs is their ability to display how a product or service looks like, while still being able to describe various details about it. Short term promotions like fliers and brochures, do not have the enough space to carry all the information that a catalog can easily carry. So, this means that you can design a layout that has enough textual and visual information to encourage a potential customer to buy one or two of your products.

Easily adaptable for mail

Another good thing about catalogs is that they can be mailed through the postal service. There are special catalog envelopes that you can buy which can carry your catalogs through the whole postal process. Most postal services around the world recognize catalogs as legitimate email, so they accept them as light packages. Posters and other promotional materials like it are not as adaptable to mail as this.

Online catalogs for new updates

Lastly, as a great alternative, you can also post an online catalog that can be easily updated over the Internet. With the digital age already upon us, it really helps if you have an online catalog to attract the more Internet driven markets to your store. Of course try to offer free mailing of actual catalog printouts if they happen to want a hardcopy sent to them.

So those are the characteristics of a catalog that can help you in your business. Do not miss this opportunity to increase your customers and business potential. Try to get a quote for catalog printing from your online printing company now. It will be well worth the money in printing them.

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Janice Jenkins is a writer for a marketing company in Chicago, IL. Mostly into marketing research, Janice started writing articles early 2007 to impart her knowledge to individuals new to the marketing industry.

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