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Some men in Canandaigua treat their cars with more respect than their spouses-because they last longer than the later. Car wax can definitely protect car color from fading and give a glossy look for a long time.

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Car Wax – A way to protect your car from dust or corrosion

Author: quinlanmurray

Some men treat their cars with more respect than their spouses-because they last longer than the later. Jokes apart! The secret of a shiny and glitzy car goes back to European history. Over 100 years ago, the Europeans used to apply animal fat over horse-drawn carriages to protect the paint. The same tradition continues with car wax, but with a modern and scientific approach. No matter how good the quality of your car paint is, it will surely lose its glossy finish and go dull with time. But a car wax can definitely protect car color from fading and give a glossy look for a long time.

With increasing pollution, acid rains and ultraviolet radiation, keeping healthy car paint is difficult. A simple method to keep it safe is - waxing. Car wax provides an easily renewable, transparent barrier between the finish and a hostile environment. It also makes the new or old car, look better. Many varieties of car waxes are available. They combine enriching oils that "wet" the surface with protective methods for high gloss finish and brilliant shine. Initially the quality of wax was thicker and at times in protecting the paint, would reduce the look and shine. But over the years enough research has been done in this field to produce car waxes that are thin, transparent and still offer great protection. These days the car waxes would form protective layer, as thin as 0.004 to 0.006 inches.

Applying car wax is the best way to protect your car from dust or corrosion that is caused by water. It takes about 30 minutes to apply car wax which would last for nearly three to four months, even keeping in mind a wash once in two weeks. There are two forms of wax available these days; paste and liquid. They differ basically in the amount of solvents. Hard Carnauba is diluted with solvents to produce a paste form or further diluted to produce the liquid form. When you apply a paste form, the friction of application helps melt the wax and evaporate the solvents. A liquid wax usually contains more volatile solvents that evaporate out when the wax is applied. The excess wax, left over lubricants, excess bonding agents, solvent residues and whatever else is left forms the layer that is buffed out to reveal the only the wax. And further polishing it leaves the car shiny.

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Jorgen's Premium Car Care products include car wax and polishes are the finest available. I recommend them because they have spent years to create a product line that meets performance standard.

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